Coffee stainEvery house needs a carpet in order to become a home. Carpets have the extraordinary feature to bring more comfort and warm in homes. However they can easily get dirty and get different types of stains and spots. The problem with the dirty carpets gets even bigger if you have kids and pets in your home. There are many types of stains that can damage the carpets – some of them are also more common than the others. Few days ago we offered you an insightful article about proper basic carpet cleaning care. Today we want to suggest a few tips about removing stains off it.

How to Clean Carpet Stains

Depending on the area where you carpet is placed in your home, you may find some of the following stains:

Dirt stains – these stains are usually found near the front door of your home, especially if you are living in a big city or high traffic areas. They are very common, but the good news is that they can be easily removed from your carpets.

Coffee and tea stains – these stains are common in the kitchen and living room area of your home – the places where you will usually drink your coffee or tea. The problem with these types of stains is that these beverages contain the “tannins”. Tannins are protein type substances widely distributed in plants. They leave brown, yellow or tan stains on carpets.

Juice stains – these blemishes are extremely common for homes where small kids are about. The stains from juices are different because most of them contain different types of dyes. The stains from red and purple juice are the hardest ones to remove. When trying to remove juice stains, t is important to treat the spots as soon as possible, before the dye goes deep into the fabrics, which results in permanent stains.

Oil and sauce stains – these stains are often found on the kitchen carpets. These are one of the most difficult types of stains to remove because only a few of the stain removers are designed to dispatch oil-based spots. If you have that kind of stain on your carpet it is recommendable to contact professional carpet cleaning service in order not to damage the carpet itself.

Pet stains – if you keep pets in your home, you may have to remove different types of stains from your carpets. Pets usually bring a lot of dirt in the house. No matter how the pet is trained sometimes they can get sick and vomit or pee on the carpet. These stains are difficult to clean and often cause change in the carpet colour.

To keep your carpets clean and fresh you need to treat every type of stain with the relevant cleaner or contact a professional stain removal company such as Crown Cleaners. We will make sure your carpets are perfectly cleaned and in tip top condition throughout the year!