If you want to attract attention, even envy in most women I recommend you go for suede couch, one of the most soft and velvet like materials. It is greatly used in the fashion industry for the manufacturing of gloves, boots, purses, jackets and whatever else comes to your mind. It is also used in the furniture business to make chairs, pillows and sofas. The feeling when you lay on a suede sofa is amazing. However, cleaning your suede sofa is no easy job. Thus we at Crown Cleaners decided to offer you some advice.

What Is It Made Of?

Before telling that sofa cleaning isn’t an easy task, we would like to share what we learnt about the material itself. Suede is made form the splitting of leather into several layers.It is created from the inner split, which is thin and not durable, but cheaper than full grain leather. There is also nubuck, which is made from full grain leather, therefore very durable, but it is really expensive. Actually this is not important, who cares where it comes from, the main thing is you love the sense of it on your skin. Suede is quite affordable, because it can be manufactured form synthetic materials. If you want your boots to be stain and water resistant I recommend you go with this one.

Cleaning and Maintaining Suede Sofas

Sofas and chairs are made from this kind of suede, because of its qualities and durability. Cleaning this kind of suede is easy, all you need is a dry and clean sponge or suede brush. On the market you can find s special silicon spray, to protect suede from water, but this applies only to synthetic suede. My personal opinion is if you want to have something beautiful like suede, you have to be ready to take care of it. Having faux suede products is like eating a vegetarian meal, which smells like meat.

The reason why many people prefer the fake suede is, because the real one is very difficult to clean and maintain. In case of major stains you should immediately contact a professional cleaning agency, but if the stain is light you can try to remove it by yourself. When dealing with real suede sofa, make sure it doesn’t come in contact with water. There are two things which destroy suede very fast, water and hand soap. You may find this funny, but you can clean a suede sofa with an eraser.

If the stain it tough mix some white vinegar and water and damp a clean cotton towel in the solution. Blot the stained area and let it dry. If this doesn’t work you can use the suede brush, but be extremely careful and gentle, because you can tear it. I’m not sure, but there is a special soap, designed for leather and suede. Contact the manufacturer for more information. As a last resort address a local cleaning company. I have chosen this, because they we able to clean my suede couch and Persian rug.

We know it is quite hard to stay motivated and clean your home, especially now when it is so hot outside. Here is an article we penned down a few days ago and we think it might be helpful.