Cleaning glass has always been my least favourite chore. No matter how many times you go over it, there always seems to be some smudges and streaks, am I right? Well, worry no more. After years of trying all kinds of methods, ingredients, and techniques, we’ve found the secret ingredient to streakless windows! Read more to find out our fool-proof method to clean windows and glass without leaving streaks. Crown Cleaners are here to give you the know-how to a crystal clear view of the world!

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What do I need?

Of course, it’s always best to prep beforehand. I find for window cleaning, either a professional squeegee will do the trick, or newspaper. Yes, newspapers are one of the best things for achieving streakless windows. And other than that, all you need are about 10-15 used black tea teabags. Yes, you heard me, black tea teabags. Make sure they’ve been removed from the tea before you’ve added milk though! Milk will definitely leave your glass at home quite muggy, to say the least! Other than that, you need a small amount of general glass cleaner. And that’s it!

how to use tea for cleaning windows without leaving streaks

How do I Make my DIY Cleaner for Windows and Glass Without Leaving Streaks?

Now, you’re probably wondering how you are supposed to clean windows with black tea, right? We’ll tell you how to make your DIY solution:

  1. First, you have to make the glass-cleaning concoction! Drink 10-15 cups of tea (not all at once, of course!), and put aside the teabags for the solution.
  2. Now, boil about 300ml of water and add the teabags.
  3. Get your standard glass cleaner and add about 20-50ml.
  4. Now put your DIY glass cleaner in a spray bottle!

You have your mixture ready, now it’s time to boogie! Well, clean windows and mirrors, but you catch my drift! So, without further ado, read on for our method to the madness!

How to Clean Windows and Glass Without Leaving Streaks?

how to clean windows and glass without leaving streaks

  1. Spray your glass with your DIY cleaner, don’t be shy with it!
  2. Using the soft side of a sponge, lightly go over the glass surface. Pay special attention to any smudges or greasy areas.
  3. Now rinse the glass with hot water and spray the glass again.
  4. Using either your squeegee or newspaper (whichever you feel more comfortable with) dry the glass surface.

And that’s it! If you’ve not managed to perfect your squeegee and newspaper drying technique – we’ll help you with a detailed explanation on how to get it done!

How to Use Squeegees and Newspapers for Glass Cleaning

how to clean windows and glass without leaving streaks

Cleaning with a Squeegeewindow cleaning with a squeegee is all about direction and pressure. If your squeegee has a damaged rubber on the end, it’s not going to do the job. If using a squeegee, it’s important to have a quality one. Using a not-so-great one just doesn’t cut it. When using your squeegee, start from the top right corner, drag horizontally across the top until the edge, kind of like a rainbow shape, and then drag down. Exercise the amounts of pressure you use until you find the perfect amount to leave your glass streakless. More than likely, you’ll have to wet and dry with a squeegee at least 2 or 3 times before achieving crystal clear glass.
Cleaning with a newspaper – when it comes to cleaning with newspaper, you need the glass to be not too wet before you start the drying process. Or you need a lot of newspaper. This is because, when the newspaper gets too wet, it’ll get soggy, leave streaks, and tear. We advise using at least 3 or for sheets at once. Make sure there are no creases in the newspaper before you start the drying process. Get your sheets of newspaper, place them on a top corner of the glass, apply pressure, and drag slowly down. You may have to lightly wet the glass and repeat the process a few times. If there are any small smudges, using the newspaper and rubbing firmly over the spot will help break down the grease and dirt.