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When you need a professional upholstery cleaning service in London, call Crown Cleaners. You can book our sofa cleaners in London on 020 3761 5879 right now. You get a team of experienced, skilled and motivated technicians. Our services are suitable for any budget. We are quite flexible and offer discounts on multiple bookings at once.

This is How We Deliver Outstanding Cleaning Results

Being among the best upholstery cleaning services in London for more than 10 years isn’t luck. We work hard to provide top-quality results at a great price to all our customers. Our upholstery technicians are trained and certified to the highest of standards. We check their performance and invest time and effort to improve their skills. Thus you have a peace of mind your home furnishings are in good, safe and professional hands with us.

Upholstery Cleaning Prices

Dining chair £8
Armchair £19
Two seater sofa £24
Three seater sofa £34
Four seater sofa £44

Why Treat Your Sofa With Us

Our furniture cleaners are your local experts when it comes to cleaning a sofa. Once you have ordered our expert service, you should expect only the highest of quality. Our team will arrive on time, park their vehicle and move in all the necessary equipment. Once done they will inspect your furnishings and choose the best course of action. It will depend on your upholstery condition. Then they will apply our range of cleaning products and extractors to deliver a fantastic clean for your sofa.

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    Benefits For Your Couch

    Well, you will benefit, too. But your living room sofa will look as good as new once our upholstery cleaners apply our range of steam cleaning tools. We use advanced cleaning products as well. No matter if you look to clean your kitchen chair or couch, we at Crown Cleaners know well what to do. Our technicians will pre-treat stubborn stains or worn-out areas. Then they will remove the trapped dirt, oils and dust off your upholstered furniture.

    • Effective and powerful hot water extraction machines
    • Eco-friendly and child safe cleaning detergents from leading suppliers
    • First-class cleaning results at quite reasonable prices
    • Certified, skilled and friendly local technicians
    • Non-stop support service and 7 days a week availability throughout London
    • Range of other services such as end of tenancy cleaningmattress cleaning and carpet cleaning
    Sofa Cleaning in London

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a deep upholstery cleaning?

    Deep upholstery treatment is the professional cleaning of any upholstered furniture in your home. The method is used to sanitise armchairs, sofa, dining chairs and other soft furniture items in depth. You can read more about our upholstery cleaning service on this link.

    Do you use professional equipment?

    Yes. We use professional cleaning tools and machines. We use the products and equipment for upholstery cleaning from ProChem and Ashbys, leading suppliers to the cleaning industry worldwide.

    Do I need to vacuum the furniture before professional cleaning? 

    We recommend light vacuuming of the upholstery, but it’s okay to leave this to us. What’s more important is removing items off and near the furniture – plants, mirrors, lamps, books, or clothes before the sofa cleaning service

    Is your staff insured and reliable?

    Yes. All members of our team are vetted and insured. Crown Cleaners’ experts have undergone extensive training and are certificated for their skills. You can recognise our cleaning teams easily because they always wear branded uniforms, carry IDs, and drive branded vehicles.

    What happens if my sofa gets damaged?

    Even when expert technicians carry out the sofa cleaning, something unplanned can happen, although this rarely ever happens. Fortunately, all of our cleaners are insured, so you will receive sufficient compensation in case of an accident.

    How long will it take to clean my sofa?

    On average, a full professional steam cleaning of a 3 piece suite takes around 1 hour. However, the cleaning time can go up to 3 hours, depending on the number of cushions, the level of soiling, are there any tough stains etc.

    How do you clean furniture? 

    We have a tried-and-tested cleaning method that includes vacuuming, stain removal and deodorising of soft furniture. We use the hot water extraction method, which is suitable for most types of furniture upholstery. It deals with old and stubborn dirt on sofas, armchairs and other furniture. Our professional upholstery cleaning service removes stains, dust and kills harmful bacteria.

    How does the upholstery steam cleaning work?

    Hot Water Extraction is carpets and upholstery treatment, which differs from the standard steam cleaning method, although many people call it that. Here is how it works:  

    1. Hot water and cleaning detergent are mixed into a solution and sprayed through a high-pressure nozzle into the upholstery fabric. The steaming-hot solution kills bacteria and allergens settled into the furniture.
    2. At the same time, a suction nozzle extracts the liquid back together with the dirt and grime, leaving the upholstery sanitised and refreshed. 

    Hot water extraction absorbs more than 90% of the liquid. The professional steam sofa cleaning method we use is fit for natural and synthetic upholstery. 

    What products do you use for upholstery cleaning?

    We use professional-grade products with proven cleaning efficiency to treat different stains, spots, and soiling. All of the cleaners we use are designed especially for cleaning soft furniture. They are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and harmless for children, pet animals, asthma, and allergy sufferers. However, if you are sensitive to some chemical ingredient, please tell us when booking our sofa cleaning service so we can use a substitute product.

    How long will it take for my sofa to dry after steam cleaning?

    Upholstery fabrics made from wool and wool blends take between 4 and 7 hours before it dries. All of the other upholstery types require between 3 to 6 hours to dry.

    What types of furniture do you handle?

    At Crown Cleaners, we have long experience cleaning various types of sofas, armchairs, ottomans, couches, dining chairs, car seats and other upholstered items.

    How often should I have my sofa cleaned professionally?

    It depends. Big families usually need to clean their upholstered furniture more often than small ones. Treating the sofa with professional stain protection products like Scotchguard can also prolong the cleanliness of the upholstery. Our Crown Cleaners specialists recommend professional sofa cleaning twice a year for home furniture used daily.

    Can you remove old stains from the upholstery? 

    The efficiency of stain cleaning products depends on the origin of the dirt. Thanks to our professional-grade cleaning products, most of the time, we can remove even old and stubborn stains without leaving a trace. However, some spots are from substances that can permanently damage or discolour the fabric. The age and type of upholstery are also factors that determine the success of the stain removal procedure. And although not 100% of the ugly spots can be removed, our upholstery cleaning team will do everything in their power to remove them from your furniture.

    What stain protection do you offer, and why should I use it?

    We can provide Scotchgard – professional-grade stain protection upon your request. The product significantly prolongs the span of your upholstery’s cleanliness when applied after a deep carpet cleaning. The stain-repellent layer also helps extend the life of your sofa. We give a six-months guarantee for the anti-stain product we use on your furniture.

    When can I book upholstery cleaning?

    We at Crown Cleaners provide professional upholstery cleaning for your furniture throughout London 7 days/week, late evenings, and even on bank holidays at no extra cost to your bill. 

    Will my carpet be protected during the upholstery cleaning?

    We usually place a protective sheet underneath upholstered furniture when we clean it to protect the rug or flooring below.

    Do I have to pay for the parking?

    The prices for our upholstery cleaning service don’t include the cost of parking or congestion charges. The best case would be if you can provide a free-of-charge parking spot near your home. Otherwise, we kindly ask you to take care of our vehicle’s parking fee while our colleagues clean your furniture.

    How can I pay for the sofa cleaning service?

    You can pay for our upholstery cleaning service with cash or with credit and debit cards. We accept bank transfers, too.

    7 Days Cleaning Service

    You can count on our team to deliver first-class upholstery cleaning in London 7 days in the week. We work weekends and bank holidays to ensure your home is kept clean and tidy. Give us a call on 020 3761 5879. You get a free price quote that comes with no obligation whatsoever! But we are sure you will never call another sofa cleaning company once you have booked our service!

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