Home cleaning is very important for our the well being of our inner selves. A fresh, natural smelling, clean home is the best thing for our souls. There’s no better way to achieve that feeling than with simple, homemade with love cleaners. There are many natural, chemical-free products around the home that can be used for this task. Here’s our encyclopedia of home-friendly DIY cleaning solutions.

Ingredients You Will Need for DIY Solutions

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Some people may already have this list of components for your DIY concoctions. But just in case you’re not prepared, here’s a list of things that will come in handy for your homemade cleaning agents.

1. Bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) – works as an excellent dry compound for dry solutions for upholstered furniture. It’s great for mattress deodorising and carpet cleaning.

2. Cornstarch – also another great dry compound for dry solutions. It’s also a good idea to mix it with the soda bicarb. And of course, deodorising.

3. White vinegar – one of the best natural household disinfectants. Due to its acidic nature, it works wonders on dulled kitchen surfaces, silverware, and can also be used as a component for all-purpose cleaning solutions.

4. Lemon juice – another of the best households disinfectants. It can also be used as a whitener with soda bicarb. But you have to be careful what you use it on as it can be damaging to some surfaces.

5. Dish soap – we recommend fairy liquid, as it’s an excellent way to remove oily stains from all kinds of fabric.

6. Hydrogen peroxide – a handy cleaner and disinfectant to have around the house. It also works wonders for lightening fabrics.

7. Vegetable or olive oil – can be used for excellent wood polishing solutions. Whether that be for your wood flooring, wooden furniture, or doors and doorknobs.

8. Black tea – the best solution for streak-free glass around your home – windows, mirrors, glass doors, glass tables, etc.

9. Essential oils – having all your favourite scents at hand for your homemade solutions is the best. No more browsing through cleaning products to look for the scent you love. You can make it at home!

Home cleaning with essential oils

A Few Recipes for DIY Cleaners

1. DIY all-purpose cleaner –  Mix one cup of water with a cup of white vinegar, half a lemon juiced and a few drops of your favourite essential oils. For larger areas increase the proportions. This is the perfect solution for all hard surfaces (not wood). Tiles, laminate floors, kitchen sides, cupboards, etc. It needs to be stored in the fridge!

2. DIY wood floor cleaning solution – simply mix together 50/50 white vinegar and either vegetable oil or olive oil in a spray bottle. Add roughly 20-30 drops of your favourite essential oils for the perfect fragrance. Use a large fibre cloth and don’t apply too much of the solution on the wood. Just enough to bring back its shine. This can be used on all types of wooden furniture.

Hardwood floor cleaning ideas

3. DIY upholstery, carpet and mattress cleaning solution
3.1. Mix in a bowl ½ cup soda bicarb with ½ cup of cornstarch. Add just enough water to form a slight paste. Use 10-15 drops of essential oils to attain a nice fragrance. This paste needs to sit on the fabric for up to 30 minutes. Use a hoover to remove.
3.2. 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide with a tbsp of dish soap. Mix them into s spray bottle and you’re ready to go! You’ll need clean water and towels to get rid of suds and excess water.

4. DIY bathroom and kitchen disinfectant – mix equal parts white vinegar and soda bicarb. You can also add the juice from half a lemon. This creates the perfect disinfectant for your kitchen and bathroom.

5. DIY home air freshener – You’ll need 1 cup of distilled water, ¼ cup of either vodka or rubbing alcohol and 20-30 drops of essential oils. Mix into a spray bottle and you’re ready to go!

6. DIY glass cleaner –  Just mix 5-10 black tea bags into warm water. Then add a splash of glass cleaner. Put the mixture into a glass bottle. You’re good to go!