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London Window Cleaning

Are you tired of dull, streaky windows? Let Crown Cleaners brighten your day! Why balance precariously on ladders or wrestle with squeegees when you can call and save time and money with us? Crown Cleaners offers professional window cleaning services in London, leaving your windows sparkling clean and your home fresh.

Expert Window Cleaning in London

Our experienced and vetted technicians are experts in restoring your windows’ gleam. Crown Cleaners meticulously clean windows, frames, and sills, ensuring a professional finish that shines. Our safe and effective cleaning solutions deliver a sparkling, chemical-free mirror shine for your windows.

If you wonder what makes us a company of choice for so many happy clients, the answer is simple. We work hard to deliver the best cleaning service in London:

Crown Cleaners’ experienced and vetted technicians are equipped to tackle even the most stubborn window grime. Whether your windows are clouded with dust, coated in pollen, or stained by fingerprints, dead insects, bird droppings, or even pesky sap specks, our team has the skills and tools to handle it all.

We utilise powerful cleaning solutions that effortlessly break down dirt and grime, leaving your windows sparkling clean and streak-free. Don’t risk damaging your windows with harsh chemicals or ineffective DIY methods – trust Crown Cleaners to deliver a professional clean that sparkles, guaranteed.

Forget the hassle and danger of DIY window cleaning. With Crown Cleaners, you can enjoy a convenient and affordable service. We can offer flexible scheduling options, including same-day appointments! Call us at 020 3761 5879 and let our friendly team handle the rest.

Let the sunshine in with Crown Cleaners! Enjoy a brighter, cleaner home with our professional window cleaning services.

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    How Do We Clean Windows?

    We have created our window cleaning method that allows us to deliver outstanding results with every job we take on. After years of experience in the business, we have tried and tested each and every tool and product there is.

    This way we can handle with ease all types of dirt, dust, spots and smudges stuck to the glass. We will clean your windows and all glass surfaces in your home fast and at a competitive price.

    Call 020 3761 5879 and get a free quote for impeccably cleaned windows today!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Who is going to clean my windows?

    A: Our professional window cleaners with IDs and branded uniforms will arrive at your property. They are local technicians with extensive experience and skills. Our vehicles are fitted with water-fed poles and other professional tools to complete any window cleaning job.

    Q: What does the window cleaning service include?

    A: The service consists of two main procedures: exterior window cleaning with water-fed pole technology and manual cleaning for interior windows.

    Q: What detergents do you use to clean windows?

    A: Crown Cleaners’ professionals bring and use specialised detergents to clean even the most stubborn window grime. For outside window cleaning, the technicians use a long-reach water-fed pole. Indoor windows are cleaned by hand with specialised tools that we bring.

    Q: What is a water-fed pole system, and why is it used?

    A: This specialised window cleaning equipment allows us to reach as high as the 4th storey of a building and awkwardly positioned skylights, conservatory roofs, and windows over extensions. It also limits the risks of using ladders.

    Q: Can you deep-clean my frames?

    A: We clean frames, but only from the inside if they are PVC or lacquered wood frames. Due to the nature of these materials, we cannot deal with paint or plaster.

    Q: Can you remove mould from my frames?

    A: This is something we don’t do.

    Q: I have a glass bannister on my balcony. Can you clean the outer side of it?

    A: We will clean it if it is accessible from the ground using our reach and wash system. Otherwise, it may be unsafe for the technician to clean it from the balcony.

    Q: Can you remove plaster from the external glass panes?

    A: Yes, but only if the windows are reachable from inside the property. Otherwise, it won’t be safe to do this from the outside.

    Q: Do you clean stained glass windows?

    A: Yes, but only the exterior.

    Q: Do I have to be home during the service?

    A: If you wish to have your windows cleaned from the outside without your presence, you can grant access to the window cleaners through your property gates. If you also want your windows cleaned from the inside, we offer a free key pick-up and delivery service.

    Q: Can I make changes to my bookings?

    A: Yes, if you need to make any changes to your booking, contact us, and our friendly colleagues at the office will adjust your service appointments as needed.

    Q: Can you clean my windows if it’s raining?

    A: It depends on how bad the weather conditions are. Our technicians will evaluate the conditions on the day and inform you if they need to reschedule the service.

    Q: Do I have to prepare before the cleaners arrive?

    A: We need a free parking space near the property, on the same side of the street, and a water source. Otherwise, our teams have all the necessary equipment to clean the windows. Just make sure to grant them access to the place.

    Q: What is your coverage?

    A: We service all Greater London areas within the M25 ring.

    Q: What happens if my cleaner is late?

    A: If the cleaning team is delayed due to traffic, you will receive a notification informing you of their estimated arrival time.

    Q: Do you require a water source?

    A: Yes, we need a water source to connect the water-fed poles when cleaning outside windows. 

    Q: What hours do you work?

    A: We work between 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. However, if you need us to clean your windows, please note that we need daylight to do so. 

    Q: Can I combine window cleaning with another one of your services? 

    A: Yes, you can. When you book multiple services, you can take advantage of preferential discounts. Window cleaning is a popular choice for end-of-tenancy cleaning in London, favoured by landlords, tenants, and letting agents. Many customers choose to combine window treatments with professional upholstery or carpet cleaning. Feel free to contact us for a discount on multiple services.

    Book a Window Cleaning With Us

    If you want to enjoy sparkling clean windows in your London property all year round, contact Crown Cleaners right now! We are the professional window cleaning company offering the best prices in Greater London. Call today, get a free quote, and book the service you need without a hassle!