Rug Cleaning London

Crown Cleaners provides a wide range of professional rug cleaning services in London to help you keep your rugs in excellent condition! Using the hot water extraction method, our specialists can bring the as-new look to any carpet, including antique, area, Persian, and more. If there is a stain, spill or any other accident, you can book our local team for an emergency rug cleaning service at no extra cost. Call us on 020 3761 5879 to get your instant free quote and book our expert carpet cleaners now!

Hot Water Extraction for Rugs

Hot water extraction, better known as steam cleaning, provides excellent cleaning results when treating home rugs. A solution of hot water and cleaning detergent is sprayed on the flooring and sucked up simultaneously by a powerful vacuum. Hot water extraction works better than most dry or wet carpet treatments. When our experts clean your rug, they not only refresh its appearance but also help improve air quality and kill bacteria in your home. Hot water extraction is also suitable for office or commercial property flooring. Crown Cleaners’ rug cleaning is the best way to maintain the condition of your carpets. Book us once or twice a year, and your rug’s fabric and colour will remain in excellent shape year after year.

Rug Cleaning Prices

Single Room £19
Double Room £24
Hallway £13
Living Room/Lounge £29
Bathroom £6
Landing £7
Stairs £2 / per step

Benefits of Professional Rug Steam Cleaning

  • Removing dirt & stains – this deep rug cleaning procedure removes all the settled dirt and grime better than any other treatment
  • Eliminating bacteria and pests – our rug cleaning method destroys bacteria, microbes, mould spores and dust mites 
  • Safe for your family – hot water extraction uses a minimal amount of chemicals which makes it pet and child-friendly
  • Banish odours – besides being sanitised and looking great, your rug will smell clean and fresh, too, removing any foul odours from the fibres
  • No residual detergent – professional rug steam cleaning leaves no sticky residue on your carpet, unlike other methods
  • Quick-drying – with our rug cleaning, carpets take between 2 and 6 hours to dry. We can also provide equipment to facilitate the fast-drying of your rug upon request 
  • Extra protection against re-soiling – our experts can also apply Scotchgard protector on the carpet to create a stain-repellent coating

Extends the lifespan of rugs – professional steam cleaning of rugs maintains their appearance; it also prolongs their life, so you won’t have to buy new flooring for a long time

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    Why Choose Crown Cleaners?

    Whether you want to refresh your rug or remove stubborn stains, you can book our cleaning services for your home or office. For your convenience, we work seven days a week, including on bank holidays. Here are just a few of the reasons you should hire us for rug cleaning in London:

    Here are just a few of the reasons you should hire us for rug cleaning in London: 

    • Professional rug cleaning equipment and products by Pro Chem and Karcher
    • Our technicians are vetted, trained and certified
    • Eco-friendly cleaning methods
    • Book any of our cleaning services at a time that works for you
    • Enjoy affordable prices and incredible deals
    • Free Quote 
    • No hidden fees 
    • We offer a 100% clean guarantee for every cleaning job
    • Combine with sofa cleaning or end of tenancy cleaning and get a discount
    • We offer same-day and emergency bookings
    • We cover all London areas
    Rug cleaning London

    Book Rug Cleaning in London

    We offer the best rug cleaning service in London, covering all areas within the M25. We will give you competitive prices and a great customer experience. Get your rugs in pristine condition and save time and money with our service. Call us on 020 3761 5879 now to book a carpet cleaner, find out more about our professional services or pick a package deal that fits best your budget and needs.

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