Nothing feels better than having clean carpets at home.They give the house a vivid and fresh look. If you are a few steps away from how to prepare for carpet cleaning, then you should get yourself ready for some prior preparations. 

How to prepare for carpet cleaning is crucial. It will help you ensure a smooth and easy cleaning process for you and the responsible technicians. Whether you live in an apartment or detached house, it is important to ensure a safe surrounding area where the cleaning is going to take place. 

These following tips can help you achieve effective and smooth cleaning. They will help the technicians to focus more on deep and thorough cleaning and less on potential distractions and damages.

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How to Prepare for Carpet Cleaning

Before carpet cleaning takes place, the cleaning agency will send some technicians or cleaning responsible to inspect your house and the carpets. In order for them to meet your expectations and needs, you have to ensure a safe space for them. 

Therefore, high foot traffic areas should be taken into consideration. With that said, check out the following tips on how to prepare for carpet cleaning:

Remove Fragile and Valuable Things

The first thing to do is to remove all valuable items including, your jewellery, porcelain, collectables, and more. Anything breakable and fragile must be kept away from the cleaning area and stored in a safe place. 

This is because once the cleaning process starts, they may get lost or cluttered with other items. Remember that no matter how much the carpet cleaning technicians are attentive, their main mission is to clean the carpets. 

Vacuum Your Carpet ahead

Many of you will ask themselves if it is better to vacuum their carpet before the carpet cleaning takes place, and the answer is yes. As you may know, some carpet cleaning agencies do not take into consideration the vacuuming step. 

Therefore, they usually proceed directly into carpet cleaning. For this reason, it is better that you do this step ahead, plus it doesn’t take too much effort or time.

Try to remove as much dirt, dust, and debris as you can from the carpet surface, and leave the deep dirt cleaning to the professionals. The cleaners have the right equipment for it.

Lift Your Draperies

The last thing you want is to get your curtains or any draperies stained or damped. Therefore, you have to make sure to lift and pin up all your draperies and keep them off the floor, especially if they are close to the cleaning space. For curtains, you can tie them using the rod or simply use a hanger for a secured fastening. 

Move Away your Furniture

Whether it is large or small, it is better to move all the furniture that gets in the cleaning process away. 

If you have a lot of light and small furniture around your house like chairs, coffee tables, ottomans, toys, and more, it is better to store them away in another separate room where there are no carpets to clean. 

For larger and heavier furniture, you can just put them all together in one place to avoid any damage. You can ask the carpet cleaners for some help, in case you can’t move them by yourself. However, first, you have to check if this service will not impose extra charges. 

Point Out Any Stains or Smells

The first thing carpet cleaners will do before they start their mission is to inspect your carpets. This inspection will help them understand, examine, and review better your needs and expectations. 

With that said, at this level, it is important for you to point out any areas of concern that you want the cleaners to take better care of or pay close attention to them.

If your carpets have a bad smell that doesn’t go away after several cleaning, you can note it to the cleaners. The cleaners have the right equipment and cleaning techniques for your carpet problems.

Keep Your Pets Out of the Way

This is another important thing to do before your carpet cleaners step into your house. Whether your pets are friendly or not, it is important to keep them away during the cleaning process, in order not to distract the technicians from their work, and in the same them to ensure their safety. 

Loud noises and some cleaning products might be harmful to your pets. Keep them secured and away from the cleaning area.

Ensure a Free Parking Spot 

Cleaning agencies usually use trucks to carry their gear and machinery. The trucks are usually big sized, bulky, and need some good space for parking. Therefore, ensuring a free parking spot that is near to your apartment entry is ideal for an easy and smooth cleaning process. 

The approximate distance is important as there will be a high-pressured water machine mounted for carpet cleaning. 

This favour may go out of your hands as you have no control over the parking spots, but it will make it easier for cleaners to do their job. If necessary, you can ask your park supervisor to help you with that.

Final Thoughts

There are two main things that you should keep in mind regarding how to prepare for carpet cleaning. Leaving this extra work including, vacuuming the carpet, moving furniture, pinning your draperies, and more can charge you extra fees. 

This is because they will be spending more time and effort getting the place ready for deep and upholstery cleaning.

In contrast, if you ensure that all these tips are taken into consideration, and you have prepared the space for them to proceed and focus on their mission, some agencies will offer you a discount for their services, as you will be making their job a lot easier and flowing.

All in all, whether you are holding special occasions at your house, having family and friends coming over, or simply want to give a clean and fresh look to your space, preparing the adequate environment for carpet cleaning in Fulham is essential for this process.