Professional Carpet Cleaning

We offer professional deep cleaning of carpets and rugs in London. We use the hot water extraction method, which not only works great for removing dirt but also kills bacteria leaving your flooring fresh and sanitised. If necessary, we do a pre-treatment with spot removal products. We can also apply a stain-repellent on the carpet upon your request. Crown Cleaners’ rug cleaning service is all you need to maintain your carpet in perfect condition and thus prolong the lifespan of your flooring. Book a carpet cleaner now and get a free quote!

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This is How We Deliver Outstanding Cleaning Results

We at Crown Cleaners offer complete care for all types of textile flooring. From wall-to-wall carpets to delicate oriental rugs. Our London carpet cleaners have all the skills, experience and tools necessary to get your carpet back to its as-new appearance. They are dedicated professionals trained to sanitise and brighten the textile floorings with ease. We apply methods that are tried and tested and deal even with stubborn old stains and deeply settled dirt. Our technicians utilise top-notch equipment and tools to deliver an impressive cleaning result for every carpet cleaning job they do. With us, you can enjoy excellent customer service at competitive rates.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Single Room £19
Double Room £24
Hallway £13
Living Room/Lounge £29
Bathroom £6
Landing £7
Stairs £2 / per step

The Best Carpet Cleaning Service in London

We at Crown Cleaners don’t compromise with the quality of the products and tools we use and this is why we deliver the best cleaning results. Our steam carpet cleaning method thoroughly sanitises your flooring eradicating bacteria, germs, and dust mites.

The procedure is proven to extract more dirt and grime from the fibres carpets and rugs than any other cleaning method. Hot water extraction is highly recommended for households with children and pets as it requires minimal usage of cleaning product to ensure a clean and safe home environment. Major carpet and rug manufacturers and NCCA praise steam cleaning as the best treatment for textile floorings. To ensure we can provide the best results, we use the most advanced machines and products from industry leaders Karcher and Pro Chem.

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    Why Clean Your Carpet with Crown Cleaners?

    If you want to receive great customer experience and impeccably cleaned carpet – look no further! Our cleaning agency is famous for its rug cleaning service. You can book us to treat a single carpet or all the floorings at your home and office. Moreover, if you combine rug cleaning with sofa or end of tenancy cleaning you will get a special discount on the final price. 

    If you are still wondering what makes us the best choice for your carpet cleaning needs – here are a few more benefits you can get from hiring us:

    • We will take on any job you require – no task is too big or too small
    • Book us when you need us – emergency and same day carpet cleaning 7 days a week
    • Certified and experienced carpet cleaners
    • Professional tools and equipment
    • Eco-friendly carpet cleaning and stain removal products
    • Stain repellent treatment upon request
    • Free quotes for every cleaning job we do
    • No additional fees – you pay the price we quote when you contact us
    • High-quality carpet cleaning service at affordable price
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    You can rely on us to take care of all your carpet cleaning needs. You can book us anywhere in Greater London. We have local teams in all major London areas, which allows us to respond quickly and accept even emergency and same day bookings. Just give us a call now and get your free quote on the spot. Our friendly representative will answer your questions and provide all the necessary details about your booking.

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