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London Stain Removal

Professional stain removal is a separate cleaning service we offer to our customers. If you face a stubborn carpet оr upholstery stain, don’t hesitate to contact Crown Cleaners. We will send a skilled technician to remove the spot immediately. You can also take advantage of our Scotchgard protection treatment against staining after we remove the blemish on your rug, mattress or upholstery.

Why Use Professional Stain Removal Service?

Small children dropping their food, pets leaving a puddle of urine, sleepy you spilling your beverage – stains on carpets, upholstery, and mattresses are an all-natural and inevitable part of daily life. Of course, nobody can call a professional cleaner every time an accident happens. However, when trying to remove a stain, many homeowners make some common mistakes that only worsen the situation. They often scrub the spot, smear the dirt into the fibres, and use too many different products or wrong cleaners, making it impossible to remove. Crown Cleaners stain removal specialists are trained and certified to clean all types of dirt and substances from every kind of fabric and material. If you have to deal with a particularly stubborn stain – like chocolate, red wine, urine or blood, booking our professional stain removal service can help you salvage your favourite furnishings and carpets.

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    How Do We Remove Stains?

    Our professionals use more than 20 different cleaning products and liquids to treat stains. We guarantee that our experts can remove the most unsightly blemishes or spots on the first try. Our team starts with assessing the origin and type of the stain. Then they choose the best product and method to clean the spot. Once the area is treated with the cleaner, we let it sit to give it time to do its job. After this, we rinse the spot to remove any residual product. You can also take advantage of our professional carpet cleaning services once our team removes all unpleasant stains from the flooring. Before our team leaves, they inspect the area once more to ensure they’ve achieved a satisfactory result.

    Why Crown Cleaners?

    If you want to salvage your precious oriental rug or luxury sofa, don’t hesitate to book our stain removal service in London! We are famous for stain removal skills and the tailored approach to each spot and blemish. You can book us to clean stains from the carpets and furniture at your home or office. Moreover, combine two or more of our professional cleaning services, and we will give you a special discount on the final price. Thousands of customers have trusted us to remove the stains from their furnishings, so why wouldn’t you?

    • Trained and vetted stain removal specialists
    • All the technicians are certified by NCCA
    • Professional spot removal service specifically designed to help you deal with stubborn stains
    • HIgh-quality products and equipment by the industry leaders Pro Chem and Karcher
    • All the solutions and detergents we use are safe for your furnishings and the environment
    • Book us when you need us – emergency and same day services 7 days/week
    • Stain protection against re-soiling of your furnishings and carpets
    • Free quotes for every cleaning service you might need
    • No additional fees – you pay the exact price we quote in our initial conversation
    • Exceptional customer care at an affordable price
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What type of stains do you remove?
    A: All Crown Cleaners are NCCA certified stain removal specialists. We can clean virtually any dirt from your furniture and carpets, including red wine, pet urine and faeces, chocolate, fruit juice, blood, coffee, tea, engine oil, cream, cooking grease, etc. The sooner you call us after an accident occurs, the faster we will remove the stain. Also, it is best not to attempt to clean the dirt by yourself. Dealing with spills on carpets and furniture is quite different from washing them from clothing and requires specific products and cleaning methods.

    Q: Can you remove old stains from my carpet and upholstery?
    A: Yes, we should be able to remove even old stubborn stains like blood or wine. However, we will achieve the best results if the area hasn’t been treated with cleaning products before. Homeowners are often tempted to try and remove the stains with several products before calling us. And while the intention is good, the active ingredients of said products react with the dirt and make it more difficult to remove. Nevertheless, we will do everything in our power to leave your furnishings spotless.

    Q: What should I do before the stain removal specialist arrives?
    A: Do not scrub the affected area, only blot the stain with a clean towel. Scrubbing the spot will only smear it all over the textile and push the dirt deeper into the fibres. If the spill has dried, you can dip your rag in clean cold water and blot, rinsing the rag often. Keep blotting until the substance is transferred to your towel. In general, it is best to wait for our stain removal expert to avoid spreading the dirt and making it more difficult to clean.

    Q: Can you recommend an efficient stain removal product I can use?
    A: We wouldn’t recommend using store bought stain removal products, as they often worsen the problem. A certain cleaner might work for removing a coffee spill but won’t do anything for the pet’s urine. We restrain from recommending any brand because they are ineffective in lifting stubborn dirt. Also, if you don’t rinse the store bought product well after use, it can cause discolouration of the fabric. Our specialists have more than 20 different solutions in their caddy. They approach each stain differently, depending on the substance and what type of fabric or material they need to treat.

    How To Contact Our Team

    To request our professional stain removal service in London, don’t hesitate to call us or use our contact form. We will send a cleaning expert to your address as soon as possible. If available, you can provide a Same-Day cleaning service. Talk to our assistants about prices, special deals and other details. We can assure your home furnishings will be spot and stain-free in no time!