Having a furry friend at home is all fun and games until pet hair scatters around the house, especially on hard-to-clean surfaces like carpets. If left untreated, pet hair can embed deeper onto the carpet, making cleaning much more difficult in the long run.

At the same time, pet hair makes your home interior look untidy and can trigger allergies or cause respiratory problems. While pet hair is a nuisance, several methods exist to eliminate it. The best part? You can save money by using standard tools readily available at home!

Learn the different methods how to clean pet hair from a carpet from our expert end of tenancy cleaners in Richmond.

How to Remove Pet Hair From Your Carpet: 5 Easy Methods

Pet hair accumulating on your carpet is nothing to fuss about; you must know the proper cleaning techniques. Check out these simple and effective ways to get rid of pet hair on your carpet:

1. Use Vacuum Cleaners

Using a vacuum cleaner to clean stubborn pet hair off the carpet is one of the classic methods for pet hair removal. There are vacuum cleaners dedicated to cleaning pet hair, but you can also use your regular vacuum cleaner if you don’t want to break the bank.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect a Rubber-Bristle Brush Attachment to Your Vacuum

The rubble-bristle brush helps loosen hairs embedded in the carpet for easy removal. Another benefit of using a rubber-bristle vacuum attachment is it’s gentle on your carpet’s fabric.

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Step 2: Vacuum Your Carpet

Run your vacuum on the carpet and work back and forth to suck all the hair. Go over the same spots repeatedly to ensure that all hair strands are removed. Don’t forget to vacuum the edges of your carpet, too.

Step 3: Clean the Vacuum Cleaner After Use

Pet hair can clog your vacuum cleaner, so it’s best to clean the filters and empty your vacuum cleaner bin or bag after a good pet hair cleaning session.

2. Remove Pet Hair With a Carpet Rake or Grooming Rake

With quick and short strokes, you can easily remove pet hair from your carpet with the help of carpet or grooming rakes. Their bristles are designed to trap pet hair easily; you can also dispose of pet hair without much work.

Always opt for ones with soft bristles to avoid snagging or damaging your carpet’s fabric.

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3. Use Liquid Fabric Softener to Remove Hair Easily

Sometimes, brushing or using a vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair isn’t enough. After an exhausting cleaning session, some hair strands may still be left behind. Spraying a fabric conditioner and water solution on hair strands sticking on your carpet will soften and loosen them up, making them easy to brush away.

To prepare the solution, combine one part of the fabric softener with three parts of water and mix. Remember only to use pet-friendly fabric conditioners. After spraying some fabric conditioner on the hair stands, let them sit to dry before brushing or vacuuming them away.

4. Invest in Lint Rollers

Using lint rollers is a cheap and convenient way to remove pet hair on the carpet. One of the benefits of using lint rollers is that they quickly pick up reasonable amounts of pet hair in one swipe. They’re refillable and easy to use, too.

To remove pet hair with a lint roller, remove its plastic coating (if it’s brand new) and roll it over areas with pet hair. After that, peel off the used adhesive starting from the corner to reveal the fresh adhesive sheet.

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Lint Roller Alternatives

If you don’t have a lint roller, scotch, packing, and duct tape are excellent alternatives. Duct tape, especially, is more sticky and removes pet hair better. To use your duct tape as a pet hair remover, wrap it around your hands with the adhesive side out and damp it onto surfaces with pet hair.

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5. Improvise With a Rubber Squeegee

Who said that rubber squeegees are meant to clean glass surfaces only? Interestingly, this cleaning tool makes an excellent pet hair remover, not to mention that it’s gentle on your carpet fabric. Thanks to the rubber, your squeegee quickly collects pet hair.

To remove pet hair, use your rubber squeegee as usual and gather the hair around the carpet’s edge, where you can easily vacuum or collect it afterwards. However, the downside of this method is it takes more time and effort.

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Other Tools or Methods in Cleaning Pet Hair

Aside from the methods mentioned, you can use rubber gloves, rubber brooms, and microfiber dust mops to remove pet hair from your carpet.

Tips to Prevent Pet Hair on Your Carpet

Follow these helpful tips to avoid cleaning pet hair off your carpets often:

  1. Groom Your Pets Regularly

Grooming your pets doesn’t always need a professional touch. This practice helps keep their coat healthy and saves you the hassle of cleaning out their hair on the carpet. It’s essential to seek advice from your local vet to know which tools to use or how often you should brush your pet’s coat.

For example, some short-haired dog breeds, like labradors, need grooming once a week. You can use a slicker or rubber brush to comb their coats gently. On the other hand, thick-haired dog breeds, like cocker spaniels, may need grooming every three days.

At the same time, you should groom your pets frequently during their shedding season, which usually occurs in the fall in preparation for the cold winter months.

  1.  Regularly Clean or Sweep Different Areas of the House

With pets running around the house, it’s only normal to see hair scattered everywhere. Regularly cleaning areas of the house where pets often lurk is beneficial to limit pet hair sticking on the carpet.

Aside from regularly cleaning your carpet and floor, cleaning areas under the sofas, beds, and your dog’s cage can help control the spread of pet hair. Deep cleaning hair-infested fabrics will also remove nasty dirt and germs while simultaneously getting rid of pet hair.

  1. Use Pet Blankets

Throw a pet blanket over your pet’s favourite spot on the carpet to limit hair from spreading everywhere. You can opt for pet blankets with pet hair-repellent fabric like microfiber that allows easy dusting off of hair.

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Cleaning pet hair from your carpet is easy. Aside from using a vacuum cleaner or lint rollers, you can improvise with readily available household items like duct tape. Duct tape is a promising alternative to lint rollers that remove pet hair quickly.

To prevent pet hair on your carpet, regularly grooming your pets, especially during the shedding season, is helpful. Remember to consult your vet for proper methods and tools for pet grooming.