Have you hired a professional end of tenancy cleaning service? Now you might be worrying about what is expected of you before they arrive. Worry not, professional cleaners are used to all kinds of states. But, if you do want to know what’s respectful to have done before their arrival, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our short guide on how to prepare before end of tenancy cleaners!

Communication is Key to Getting the Results you Want!

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So, you’ve hired the check-out cleaners. But you don’t just hire, give them your keys and leave. Well, you do if you’re not that bothered on the results. Remember that dodgy glass cabinet door that always falls off if you don’t pull it a certain way? Yeah. That’s what we’re talking about. You need to communicate so as to prepare before end of tenancy cleaners. So, here’s our short list on communication:

1. Have any inquiries about the service and what it includes? Don’t hesitate to ring up and ask!

2. Have any special requests for the cleaners? The best cleaning companies have super-friendly customer service and don’t mind leaving special instructions for the cleaners.

3. If you have any pets around the house that are a bit people awkward it’s a good idea to warn them beforehand.

4. Remember those special instructions you left? Just to be sure the cleaners get the message, you can leave them a note somewhere so as you’re sure they don’t miss anything!

By conversing with the end of lease cleaners beforehand you guarantee that there are no mistakes. You guarantee yourself the best possible service. Professional cleaning companies have your best interests in mind. So make it easy for everyone! Don’t ever hesitate to contact the cleaning company with any inquiries you may have.

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De-Clutter Before Professional Cleaners Arrival

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Cleaners are there to clean. Not to organize. Now, when we say de-clutter, we mean don’t leave all your personal belongings strewn all over the place. It’s hard to achieve the goal when they have to dance around delicate objects. Don’t you think? So here’s a pre-cleaners list of chores to get done:

1. Pack away all fragile and valuable objects you may have lying around. If you pack them in bubble-wrap and but them in boxes (or a cupboard), you’re even ready for the move!

2. Put away all toiletries (shampoo, soaps, body washes, hair products, etc.). If you pack them all unneeded things prior cleaners, you won’t have to worry about them when packing.

3. Make sure that none of your kitchen appliances are strewn around the countertops.

4. Throw out all rubbish and kitchen waste from the house before the cleaners arrive.

5. Wash up and put away any dirty dishes lying around the kitchen or elsewhere.

6. Make sure there are no childrens’ or pet toys lying around the floor. You don’t want somebody to trip over them!

7. Organise and put away any documents, papers, receipts, etc. that you have around the rental property. You don’t want anything important getting lost or thrown out by mistake!

8. Basically, tidy up any clutter around the house.

Feedback is Important to Guarantee the Best Possible End of Tenancy Cleaning Service!

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Now you’ve prepped for their arrival. But when your move-out cleaners leave, it’s vital to give feedback to the company. Whether that be bad or good! Why? Without our customers precious feedback we won’t know how to better our services for future jobs. If we get good feedback, we know that everything is in order and this way you guarantee yourself and others no fear of deposit deductions!

Need to Hire Professional End of Tenancy Cleaners?

Do you need professional end of tenancy cleaners in London? Crown Cleaners cleaning services are available to anyone in need. Our team of vetted professionals are on stand-by for those in need. We achieve the best possible results by following our move out cleaning checklist. We offer a 100% clean guarantee and you can even emergency-book us! We offer wide range of professional cleaning services. Don’t hesitate to contact us now for your free quote!