Coffee stains are stubborn because they’re tannin stains. These stains include tea, wine, and washable ink stains. They’re hard to remove but not impossible. Although we hate dealing with coffee stains and spills, we can’t stop drinking our favourite cup of coffee. If you’re struggling to remove a coffee stain from your favourite t-shirt or furniture, we got you in this article. We created the ultimate guide on how to remove coffee stains. So, keep reading to learn how to remove coffee stains.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Remove Coffee Stains From Anything

Don’t worry about your coffee stains, whether you spilled coffee on your clothes, carpet, or furniture, you’ll find a solution for it in our guide.

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How to Remove Coffee Stains from Clothes

Treating a coffee stain from clothes can take a couple of steps, depending on how old the stain is.

1.    Flush and Pre-treat

The best thing to do to remove coffee stains from clothes and fabrics is to treat them as soon as possible. Once you get coffee on your clothes, flush it with cold water from the backside. This flushes most of the wet coffee stain and prevents it from further penetrating the fabric. Putting a generous amount of baking soda or table salt also absorbs most of the stain and stops its spreading.

However, if it’s not doable to strip down and flush your t-shirt with water, using an instant stain remover pen is your only choice. Pat the excess coffee liquid with a napkin and then rub it with the stain remover. If the stain is gone with flushing or using an instant stain remover, then wash your clothes as you normally do. Otherwise, move to the next step.

2.    Soak With Detergent

If you’re dealing with a more stubborn coffee stain, follow these steps after flushing or pre-treating:

  1. Apply liquid laundry detergent to the stain and rub it well with some cold water.
  2. For fresh coffee stains, let it wait for five to ten minutes.
  3. You can let it sit longer for older stains, but don’t let it dry.
  4. When the waiting time is done, rub the stain gently again and let it soak for 30 minutes in cold water.
  5. Then, wash your t-shirt or piece of clothes as you normally do.
  6. Finally, let it air dry, and don’t use the dryer as it would make the stain sit.

If you can still see a little bit of the stain, rub detergent again and soak your t-shirt in warm water this time. Let it soak for 15 to 30 minutes, then wash it and air dry it. The stain should be gone by now.

3. For Older Stains

Older stains become more and more stubborn. They might not come out with just liquid detergent and water.

So, a DIY solution is our only option.

  1. Mix your favourite powdered detergent with equal parts water and white vinegar until it becomes a paste.
  2. Patch-test this paste on your t-shirt to ensure it’s safe.
  3. Rub the stain with a toothbrush and this paste.
  4. Then, wash it usually, and air dry it.

If you don’t like the DIY option, an easier approach is to use a strong stain remover. The best one is OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover. It works well on many stains, including coffee stains. Follow the instructions on the package, then wash your t-shirt and air dry it. The old, stubborn coffee stain should be gone by this step.

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Coffee Stain Removal Guide

How to Remove Coffee Stains from Furniture

Your furniture is susceptible to coffee spills too. Even though we do our best and use coasters, accidents happen. We invest in our upholstered furniture and we love to keep it clean. So, if you spilt some coffee on your sofa or chair, follow these steps to get rid of it:

  1. Dry the excess coffee liquid with a napkin or a microfiber cloth
  2. Mix one part non-gel white toothpaste and one part baking soda
  3. Rub the paste on the stain with an old toothbrush in a circular motion
  4. Let the paste sit for a few minutes
  5. Then, wash it off with a wet microfiber cloth
  6. Repeat, if needed

Laminate Countertops

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing an ugly coffee stain on your laminate countertop. Luckily, there’s a solution for it:

  1. Mix one part Castile soap or dish soap with three parts baking soda to form a paste.
  2. Scrub the paste gently on the stain with a microfiber cloth.
  3. Wet a clean microfiber cloth and remove the paste

Be careful not to scrub too much. Over-scrubbing weakens the laminate and might remove some of it.

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Coffee Stain on Carpet

How to Remove Coffee Stains from Carpets

Getting coffee stains off of your carpet might seem challenging, but it’s simpler than it looks. Here’s a simple method to remove coffee stains from carpets:

  1. Blot the stain using a clean cloth or napkins until you can’t lift any more coffee.
  2. If it’s an older stain, rewet it with warm water to loosen it, then blot the area.
  3. Mix one tablespoon of dish soap, white vinegar, and two cups of water.
  4. Using a toothbrush, sponge, or a microfiber cloth, rub the mixture into the stain.
  5. Blot with a clean cloth, then rub again the mixture
  6. Repeat blotting and rubbing until the stain is removed completely
  7. Wet a clean cloth with cold water and remove any residue
  8. Let the area air dry, but avoid walking on it, or you can dry it with your blow dryer

If you are not entirely successful with the task, we would recommend contacting professional carpet cleaning service

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How to Remove Coffee Stains Mugs and Dishes

Your coffee only stains your dishes or mugs if left for too long. Don’t worry, it’s possible to get it out. Our magical ingredient here is baking soda. You only need to scrub your mug or dish with baking soda and a sponge. You can also mix the baking soda with your dish soap. Be careful, baking soda might be abrasive on certain dishware. So, always scrub gently.

Final Words

We included everything you need to know to remove coffee stains from several things. However, if you still can’t get the stain out of your carpet or clothes, it’s best to get the help of a professional. Our stain removal specialists in London are always happy to help and give you stain removal advice.