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Carpet Cleaning Finchley

Crown Cleaners is your reliable partner when you need professional carpet cleaning in Finchley. All of our local technicians are trained, checked and always polite. Our team work with the latest steam cleaning equipment and quality products.

Call now on 020 3761 5879 to book a local carpet cleaner at a great price!

“Same day cleaning service is available upon request”

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Carpet Cleaning Prices

Single Room £19
Double Room £24
Hallway £13
Living Room/Lounge £29
Bathroom £6
Landing £7
Stairs £2 / per step

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      Our aim is to provide a first-class service to each client, irrespective of the work involved. Below you can find why you should pick us among all other local carpet cleaning companies:

      Hot Water Extraction

       Most effective method to remove dirt & germs. Combined with high end detergents guarantees 100% clean results.

      Pet Odour Removal

      When the inevitable happens, don’t panic. Just call us and we can send a team to treat & remove any unpleasant odour.

      Scotchgard Protection 

      An invisible shield over your home carpet. Provides excellent protection against mould and stains for a long time.

      Free, Instant Quote 

      Get a competitive price for any carpet cleaning service immediately. No obligation online or phone estimate.

      Spot and Stain Removal

      Professional treatment designed to remove even the most stubborn stains. We can guarantee full removal in most cases.

      Same Day Cleaning

      You can take advantage from our same day carpet cleaning offer. It is suitable for busy professionals or emergency situations.

      Cleaning Services We Offer in Finchley

      Our professional carpet cleaning services in Finchley are delivered by a team of expertly trained, certified and vetted local carpet cleaners. We deploy a set of powerful and effective steam cleaning machines to reach deep into your carpet fabric to remove dirt and stains.

      Our Local Services

      • Deep carpet cleaning
      • Regular and one-off house cleaning
      • End of tenancy cleaning
      • Oven cleaning
      • Upholstery cleaning

      Too busy or tired to keep up with all the household work at home? Sit back and relax, but call us to send one of our professional cleaning teams before that. You can enjoy a fantastic cleaning service on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: How do you clean carpets?

      We have developed a tried-and-tested cleaning process which includes vacuuming, sanitising, stain removal and deodorising your carpets. The deep carpet cleaning method we apply is hot water extraction, and it deals with the toughest and dirtiest spots on your rug. Our professional carpet cleaning procedures successfully removes stains, dirt, dust and kills harmful bacteria.

      Q: How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

      It depends on how much foot traffic your rugs undergo. Bigger families usually need to clean their carpets more often than small households. Treating the carpet with professional anti-stain protection products like Scotchguard can also extend the cleanliness of the flooring. Our specialists at Crown Cleaners recommend professional carpet cleaning twice a year for home carpets and rugs used daily.

      Q: How does hot water extraction cleaning work?

      Although the Hot Water Extraction is often called “steam cleaning”, this deep cleaning method for washing carpets and upholstery is different from the standard steam treatment. Here is how it works:  

      1. A solution of hot water and cleaning detergent is sprayed through a high-pressure nozzle deep into the carpet pile.
      2. Simultaneously, a suction nozzle extracts the liquid along with the dirt, grime, bacteria and allergens from the threads, leaving the carpet sanitised and refreshed. 

      Hot water extraction machines absorb around 95% of the liquids. This professional steam carpet cleaning method is suitable for both natural and synthetic rugs and carpets, and also for floorings made of mixed blends.

      Q: Do you guarantee spots and stain removal? 

      We are doing our best, and we use professional-grade cleaning products to remove stains from your carpet. However, we cannot promise a complete spot removal every time. Some stains are from substances that can permanently damage or discolour the carpet fibres. The age and type of carpet is also a factor that determines the success of the stain removal procedure.  

      Q: What stain protection do you offer, and why should I use it?

      We will provide a professional-grade stain protection Scotchgard upon your request. The product significantly prolongs the span of the cleanliness of your floorings when applied right after a deep carpet cleaning. The stain-repellent layer helps considerably extend the life of your rug when applied at high-traffic areas in your home. We offer a six-months guarantee for the anti-stain product we use.

      Q: How long will it take to clean my carpets?

      On average, professional steam cleaning takes around 30 minutes per room. However, the cleaning time can vary depending on the size of the room, how many pieces of furniture has to be moved, are there any tough stains on your carpet, etc.

      Q: What types of carpets and rugs do you handle?

      At Crown Cleaners we have vast experience in cleaning various types of carpets, rugs, and other textile floorings. We also offer Oriental rug cleaning for your valuable carpets. We clean Persian carpets, Moroccan rugs, Indian carpets, Tibetan rugs, area rugs, circular rugs, sculptured rugs, runners, high pile carpets, and more. Don’t hesitate to call us, even if you don’t see the kind of rug you have on this list. If it lies on your floor – we can clean it.

      Q: How long does the steam cleaned rug take to dry entirely? 

      Your carpet should dry completely for between 2 and 6 hours. This depends on various factors – carpet type and size, humidity, temperature, airflow, and more. 

      If your flooring is made from pure wool or wool blend, then it needs about 4-6 hours to dry completely. For any other kinds of carpet, it would take approximately 2-4 hours. Our carpet cleaners can bring an Air mover upon your request to help reduce the drying time. Using a fan is also a good option if the airflow in the room is insufficient.

      Q: How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

      It depends on how much foot traffic your rugs undergo. Bigger families usually need to clean their carpets more often than small households. Treating the carpet with professional anti-stain protection products like Scotchguard can also extend the cleanliness of the flooring. Our specialists at Crown Cleaners recommend professional carpet cleaning twice a year for home carpets and rugs used daily.

      Q: Do I need to vacuum before deep steam cleaning? 

      We recommend a light vacuuming in the high-traffic areas before deep carpet cleaning. However, it’s okay if you leave it to us – our technician can pre-vacuum the carpet to be cleaned. Also, our equipment is vacuuming the rug the entire time throughout the procedure. 

      Q: What kind of cleaners do you use?

      We use around 30 different professional-grade products to treat various stains, spots, and soiling with proven cleaning efficiency. All of the detergents we work with are eco-friendly and harmless for children, pet animals, asthma and allergy suffers. Speaking of safety, we want to ask you to avoid stepping on the carpets before they dry thoroughly to prevent slips, injuries or re-soiling, and other accidents.

      Q: What is your availability? 

      We at Crown Cleaners work seven days a week, late in the evening, and even on bank holidays. We provide professional hot water extraction cleaning for your home or office throughout London.

      Q: Do you move furniture?

      Yes, but please note that the expert carpet cleaning service requires typically only one technician. They can move light pieces of furniture and clean under it at no extra cost as long as this doesn’t pose a risk of injuries or damage to your belongings. We will not move items like televisions, electronics, pianos, dressers with mirrors, china cabinets, awkward to move beds, pool tables, etc.

      The technician will clean the carpet underneath then put them back on protective paddings. We suggest you remove items off and out of the furniture – lamps, plants, books, knick-knacks, or clothes before the service.

      Q: What happens if my carpet gets damaged?

      Although this rarely ever happens, accidents can occur sometimes. Even when experienced professionals carry out the carpet cleaning procedure, something unplanned can happen. Luckily, all of our technicians are insured, so you will be compensated sufficiently in case of an accident.

      What our customers says about crown carpet cleaning services

      “I contacted them for a one-off cleaning. Their team was very polite and helpful. They offered me a service for the next week which suited me best. All was done to a high standard. Happy to be their customer.” 

      Catriona S.

      “Easy to work with and offering a great service. I called them for carpet+sofa cleaning in Finchley. They offered me a good price. Quite satisfied with them.”

      Jordan B.

      Book A Service 7 Days A Week

      We are here to help with all your carpet cleaning needs in Finchley. We have local teams in all major London areas which allow us to respond quickly. Just give us a call on 020 3761 5879 and get your free quote on the spot. Our assistant will answer your questions and provide necessary details about your booking. Our carpet cleaners will use effective steam cleaning techniques to achieve fantastic results.

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