Our domestic cleaning procedures usually take quite a lot of time or because of the amount of dirt that we need to deal with or because of unpredictable situations but simply because we do not know how to deal with certain problems properly or because we do not have good enough cleaning list of orders. What this means is that the organisation in the cleaning is just as important as the cleaning solutions, so here are some simple tips on how to deal with simple but everyday type of stains which otherwise may become a pain in the neck.

Our Helpful Home Cleaning Tips

The grease and the oil from any plastic materials sometimes appears to be impossible to clean. The proper way of dealing with this problem is by soaking the plastic object long enough in mixture of water and cleaning solution. This helps the dirt to loose and to become easier to clean.

If you want to be sure that the cleaning will be performed properly make a small list with the exact order of the actions which you are about to do. Think well when doing so and you will not need to repeat any cleaning.
Tip: Such list, if it is too hard for you to write it yourself can be found online.

The safety during the cleaning procedure is extremely important. If you want to feel well after it, put a mask on and some rubber gloves. Even the most experienced cleaning services companies use such tool in order to protect their health, which as we all know is the most important thing in the world.

So, if you want a well looking house, follow some of these home cleaning tips or find even more online and make your domestic cleaning easier and more effective.

Easy Kitchen Cleaning Tips

For being the most important room in the house, your kitchen always needs extra attention. Sometimes the ordinary cleaning and mopping is not enough and you need some special ideas to improve the environment in your kitchen.

There are some easy ideas given from our professionals which you can follow and ensure your better results in the end.

It’s appropriate to clean your kitchen sink whenever you use it, but clean doesn’t mean emptying it from the dirty dishes, but also cleaning the sink itself with a cleaning products and wiping it with a clean towel after that. For weekly care of the sink, use a glass cleaner or a all purposes product. But never use rough sponges or brushes, because you can ruin its surface.

When cleaning the other kitchen appliances, you can try some of the next ideas. For freshening the disposal a good work can achieve with some ice cubes and a few lemon slices. Fill them in the disposal, run cold water for half a minute and you get the quick result – the blades are sharpened and cleaned and there is a beautiful fresh citrus scent.

We also recommend to clean all the sponges you use in the kitchen by rinsing them with cold water and putting them in the dish-washer for several minutes.

Always when the sun shines outside use its light to disinfect the kitchen. It kills many micro-organisms spreading there and you can enjoy the fresh air that comes in the room.

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Helpful Bedroom Cleaning Ideas

In this part we will give some simple tips on how to clean your master bedroom. Commence by picking up everything that is randomly thrown in the room and the floor. It is a good psychological technique to put the picked up items on the bed, this way you won’t be tempted to go to bed when you start getting bored of cleaning.

Then start sorting out the objects in the room. This includes the items on and under the bed and including the ones in the wardrobe. Separate the objects in three piles, keep, throw and donate. When the sorting is done, get a garbage bag and throw all the items from the throw away pile.

You are still reluctant to call professional cleaning services even though you have not cleaned in a while. You know that you won’t be able to do the whole end of tenancy cleaning, but at least you will clean some areas of the property so that you don’t pay a full cleaners charge when you call them. In terms of carpet cleaning there is a wide range of firms that charge only for the rooms they have cleaned and not the whole property.

Make sure that none of the items you are about to donate are broken or torn. Once you are satisfied that everything is fine, put the objects in a box and take it to charity. When you have taken care of the throw away and donate piles, you should have one pile left. By this time the rooms will start looking tidier, as you have sorted things out. Before your put all of the remaining items at their places, it’s time to clean.

Dust, wipe and wash all the surfaces in the room, including the doors, light switches and windows. Make the bed and if needed change the sheets. Vacuum thoroughly the carpet and the floor. When done put all items that you use daily at their proper places. The objects that you will use from time to time put in the storage area.

Bonus Tip: How To Make Bathroom Cleaner

Making your own bathroom cleaner is a great way to save money and keep the harsh chemicals away of your home. This project may turn to be even free for you because all of the ingredients are common household products that you may already have at home. Since all of the ingredients used in this cleaner are natural and non-toxic, you can freely use it around children and pets without having to worry about any dangerous fumes. These instructions will guide you through the process of making a natural bathroom cleaner, so all you have to do is just to follow them.


Fill a bucket with ½ cup of vinegar, ¼ cup of baking soda and ½ gallon of water. You can either add the water first or last, there isn’t much difference. It is a good idea to open windows, as vinegar smell is quite strong and can linger after the cleaning.

Pour some of the solution into a spray bottle, and the remaining of it store into the bucket by placing a lid on top to prevent the solution from fading. You can either use old or new spray bottles, just make sure that you have cleaned the old ones thoroughly.

Put some sort of label on the spray bottle to remind you what ingredients it contains. This could be very helpful if you haven’t used the solution for some time.

Use this homemade bathroom cleaner as you would a commercial cleaning product. Apply it to the stained surface, then scrub with a sponge to remove the grime. Rinse with plain water, and wipe dry.