Your kitchen is one of the few places that are likely to store the most dirt whether you use it regularly or not. Having a sink, a refrigerator, an oven and a bunch of shelves where you store food and kitchen utilities, you should definitely have one more essential thing – a kitchen-cleaning schedule. Why is it so important to keep a schedule and stick to it? Kitchens tend to get dirty even from one use. Baking a simple tea cake or even preparing your breakfast usually leave a bunch of pans and pots dirty, along with an oven and a kitchen counter.

home cleaning ideas

Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies

A simple list of essential cleaning supplies contains:

  • trash bags
  • sponges
  • storage containers
  • scrub brush
  • soap
  • disinfectant
  • spot remover
  • floor cleaner

Before writing down a simple agenda, make sure you have these. They are much needed in your quest for nice and clean kitchen. If you prefer using less toxic cleaners, you can also create a small list of recipes of homemade DIY non-toxic cleaners or products that enable you to create your own detergents, such as vinegar, sea salt, rubbing alcohol and baking soda.

Start From the Inside Out

A major cleanup requires a thorough sorting of your cooking supplies. Go through your cabinets and check for products that are no longer good for use. Anything that’s expired or you have barely used so far should go straight to your trash bin. This is also a great opportunity to reorganize your kitchen storage shelves and give them a good wiping. Wash the boxes and jars from the products you got rid off if they are good for a reuse and put them aside.

Organize Your Cooking Utensils

If you can’t store everything in a way that allows you to grab whatever you need without spending a couple of minutes looking for it, you probably need to evaluate what you have and leave what you actually need. Give away those utensils that you have barely touched and leave those that are used the most in places that allow you to reach them without much effort. Hanging pans on the walls is another great way to keep them organized, while saving some space from your shelves. Aside of that, hanging utensils on your walls have its own decorative purposes.

If you need motivation to do all than here we have an excellent article on “How to be motivated while doing the home cleaning“. Alternatively, if feel too tired or are too busy, call a professional London cleaning company at once.