clean house 1024x682 1Nobody likes cleaning. Those who say they do, think of it this way – would you prefer cleaning to going out to a bar with friends for example? This is my point. What make it worse is the fact that cleaning is necessary. You wouldn’t want to live in a garbage yard now, would you ? Motivation is key to get any job done. Good motivation is a job well done.

How to Get Motivated to Clean?

First of all invite someone in for a visit or a beer. This is a natural motivator. You wouldn’t want to be embarrassed by the way your home looks and smell, would you? This will make you do something. Sometimes we feel comfortable with things as they are, simply because we live there. This is our home and it makes us feel good. But I doubt that you feel extreme pleasure when you go to a bar, or a restaurant, or some friends home, and find it messed up.

If you invite someone over it will make you look at your home with the eyes of your friend, not like just your home, but a place to get together. Those who follow the Confucius ways say it in a similar way – behave at home, at all time, as if you were having a very important guest. There is some truth to it, no doubt.

Use The Experience of Others

Here is a good thought as well – turn cleaning into an experiment. Buy the new brand of some all purpose cleaner for example, or get some carpet cleaning advice from some mum blog like this and this and try it out. Turn the whole thing into a game. This way you won’t get bored or disgusted, because exploring is interesting and fun. Don’t over-experiment! or you may be a carpet or an oven shorter if you don’t know what you are doing.

Don’t experiment with cleaning solutions or mixing them, if you have no idea what will happen. Mixing even harmless chemicals can create dangerous and toxic solutions. Those cartoons where a rabbit mixes some potions and blows his head off aren’t just for kids.

Try to Rearrange

welcome sign 1024x724 1Another good piece of advice – you may simply rearrange your room. By doing so you will eventually find items that are not fitting the environment, and take care of them. Also cleaners like to listen to music that makes them feel good. Not just moving, but really in the mood for creativity. If you want to give your room some new mood – do so with an appropriate song in the air.


Have fun and good luck! But you should know that you always have the option to hire a home cleaning service as well. It will save you lots of time and make it easier for you to take care of the rest of your tasks.