Every self-respecting housewife should know how to clean a carpet, regardless of all the carpet cleaning companies that offer that service. It is an important skill that not only saves money, but also makes you feel more complete. Cleaning is an unpleasant job and it is understandable that you don’t want to do it. Keeping in mind it is not as time-consuming as you think, if you follow these simple steps you’ll be done in no time.

Our 4 Professional Tips To Clean Your Carpet

vacuum cleaner 1024x682 1First, you need to remove everything from the area you’re going to clean, that means all the furniture. Get a vacuum cleaner and make sure you have cleaned thoroughly, that will ease the process. I assume you know why we clean the carpet every day with a Hoover? Because if you don’t do it, all the dirt and dust goes deep into fabric of the rug, making it harder for cleaning. Let’s start with the chemicals, be extra careful, most of them are toxic, so use gloves and follow the instructions, they’re not written in vain.

Other important thing! When using cleaning detergents test first by applying some at the corner of the carpet and wait to see the result. If you have chosen the wrong cleaning agent it can damage your carpet or even discolor it. You can either use a carpet cleaning machine or a good old fashioned bucket, the choice is yours. It’s crucial to make either horizontal or vertical scrubs, that way you won’t tear the fabric of the carpet.

Use Steam Carpet Cleaner

If you’re using a steam cleaning machine things are simple. All you need to know is usually written on the side of the machine. It cleans and rinses all by itself, you only have to scrub up and down. Divide the carpet into small areas, cleaning them one at a time. The areas where the furniture was are cleaner you might have to do them only once, the other part however is a completely different thing. Walking everyday on it mattes the fabric, making it harder to clean.

Leave It To Dry Properly

Leave the carpet to dry properlyIn a matter of hours you have cleaned the carpet and it looks like you have just bought it. The only problem is it is wet. If you have a backyard put it there till it dries, if not here are some tips to speed the process. You can also use paper or cloth towels, they absorb very well, but if the carpet is big you probably won’t have enough. Other thing is a fan, or some fans, but you should also open all the windows, that will speed up the process . Hope I helped you, bear in mind you can always call the professionals from Crown Cleaners of London.