If you want to preserve your new carpet for as long as it is possible you just have to maintain it properly from the moment you place it in your home or office. It’s good appearance will equal to the effort you put into that process. However, when you feel out of your depth you may consider seeking professionals help. There are lost of cleaning service companies in London offering carpet cleaning. All of them are located throughout the capital and can assist you or respond to the needs of different kind of customer.

A Little Bit Of DIY Carpet Cleaning

There are three main aspects that are considered as valuable guidelines on how to best treat your carpet: vacuum procedures, spot maintenance and hot water extraction. According the traffic in the premises where the carpets are placed the cleaning intervals may be divided into three categories:

– Carpets that need to be vacuumed every day due to intensive traffic
– Areas with medium traffic which require vacuuming in every couple of days
– Carpets placed in areas with low traffic have to be vacuumed every other week

The use of dual-motor vacuum cleaner with double row brushes with high suction is very recommendable. The passage over the carpet should be slow and deliberate. Go over the same area – back and forwards several times. High speed cleaning is not effective for removing the soil out of the carpet.

For wet spills wipe dry the spot with a towel that will extract the liquid and for dry spills vacuum the area. When you process the spot always work from the edges toward the center. Don’t rub the spot with circle movements but press downward; otherwise you will blur it. If only water is not enough to remove the stain use cleaning products. In that case you have to make sure you will extract the residue as well.

Hot water extraction can effectively remove dirt and improve the carpet appearance. Use cleaning solution but try not to mix it with too much water because that can leave solution sludge in the carpet which will further attract and withhold soil. Spray hot water extracting solution, wait 5-8 minutes and extract only with water. The carpet should be absolutely dry before you allow traffic on it.

What If You Want To Hire Professional Carpet Technicians?

carpet 1024x768 1The first thing that we are looking for when trying to book in professional carpet cleaning in London is reliability. Somehow subconsciously humans are always seeking for security when it comes to spending money. No one is willing to risk money if quality is not guaranteed, that’s why there are some stereotypes that had been established when it comes to arranging dry or steam cleaning of your carpets and rugs.

Quite often we expect our cleaning team to arrive with a full heavy set of equipment that they will need to lift with an elevator to our apartment. When it comes to dry cleaning, though, some carpet cleaning companies use extremely small powerful portable machines that are not even noisy. That usually seems quite unreliable to most of the customers who consider that the bigger the equipment is the better the final results will be.

In reality the truth is quite opposite as the worst carpet cleaning results are provided by the bulky dry carpet cleaners that are still quote popular for compound cleaning of rugs. So booking a portable steam cleaning machine and a team of professional cleaners is always a better option both when it comes to prices and value of the service for the money paid.

For those who are not willing to get out of the box, however most of the carpet cleaning companies may offer full house carpet cleaning with those machines as they are most widely spread in the capital. Another stereotype that is worth mentioning is that people expect all the cleaning companies to have a branded van and nice tidy uniforms for their carpet technicians and get quite upset when instead they just get 2 casually dressed cleaners that come with a regular sized truck.

Just remember that you shouldn’t judge the book by it’s cover – better look does not mean better quality, and lack of uniforms is not a sign of poor service quality and low level of professionalism – sometimes it is even quite the opposite way round.

And last but not least comes age and race – as most of the cleaners are not native speakers, often customers regard them as unable to deal with simple tasks –in fact being foreign does not necessarily mean that they don’t know how to do their job. In fact you should even consider yourself lucky to have one of those as surveys have proved that they are more hardworking than locals and therefore you will get better quality of the service for the price you paid.

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