Carpet cleaning is a must household task ideal for improving the living standards of the inhabitants. Wondering how does carpet cleaning work? This article shows you how. It’s an affordable yet straightforward task that doesn’t come with budget or skill limitations. Any homeowner can spruce up the look of their homes by using DIY techniques to clean up stains and spots on their carpets. The exercise can be done regularly or on scheduled plans. Carpet cleaning is quite an expansive sector that involves using different types of cleaning machines, supplies, and methods. 

professional carpet cleaning

How Does Carpet Cleaning Work Really?

The process of cleaning carpets entails the use of powerful scrubbing brushes, vacuuming suction machines, cleaning solutions, and dusters. When cleaning a carpet, you’ve to inject the mixture of your preferred cleaning solution into the carpet’s fibers. 

By so doing, you loosen up the dirt and stain, enabling easy scrubbing and brushing. Once you’ve brushed or scrubbed out the dirt and stains from the carpet, you then have to vacuum suction them out.

Carpet cleaning can be deep or just thorough. Thorough cleaning does remove all the visible stains and dirt while deep cleaning works in removing all the invisible dirt particles, including small food pieces, skin cells, and pollen grains. 

These small dirt particles cannot be removed through vacuuming. Deep cleaning is done entirely to aid remove those dirt pieces, which, if not removed in advance, aid speed up the carpet’s wear and tear.

What Is Involved In Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Different carpet cleaners address the carpet cleaning process from different angles. That depends on their skill level and the type of equipment they use. Regardless of the carpet cleaner, you hire, here is everything involved in the carpet cleaning process.

Thorough Pre-Inspection

The first thing every professional carpet cleaner will do is to inspect the carpeted areas in your office or home. The aim here is to assess the carpet and the amount of cleaning work needed to give the carpets that fresh and impressive look you’ve always desired. They also do so to identify areas in your carpet that need special attention so they can come up with the right carpet cleaning program.

Pre-Spray the Carpet

The next step in the line of cleaning carpets is to pre-spray. Pre-spraying involves using a dedicated cleaning formula to break down the sticky substances on your carpet, including sugars, dirt, and oil, that aid attracts bacteria and dust. 

The loosening of these hard-to-remove sticky substances makes it easier for you to rinse and extract them using a truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine.

Sanitizing or Deodorizing

In this process, you’ve to use antimicrobial sanitizer or deodorizer. Applying these two odour eliminating substances will help eliminate the awful pet and bacteria odours. The motive here is to give your carpets clean and fresh odour without sacrificing a lot of everyday cleaning.

Move the Furniture if Necessary

Not all carpet cleaning exercises will require you to move your furniture. However, to ensure the cleaning penetrates deep into the areas behind and underneath the furniture, you may need to move them. 

Moving heavy and big furniture may not be a fun and straightforward exercise Not every cleaning company will have the supplies and tools necessary to make the exercise easy. However, regardless of how difficult it proves, it will be worth it if you get the furniture moved before the carpet cleaning exercise begins. That way, you will get every part of the carpet attended to professionally and any dirt areas behind and underneath the furniture cleaned.

Rinsing and Extracting with Hot Water

Once you have pre-sprayed and moved the furniture, now it will be time to extract the carpet using hot water extraction. The hot water extraction method is also known as steam cleaning and is ideal for clearing off the remaining dirt in the carpet.

Premium cleaning companies use high-powered industrial-grade truck-mounted carpet cleaners to rinse the carpets, ensuring no residue is left behind. The aim here is to ensure your carpets don’t suffer the effects of residues that could make it look unattractive even after the cleaning exercise. Working with cleaning companies is highly advised since they use high-power machines to do a clean and thorough rinsing job. Carpets rinsed and extracted by professionals will always feel softer and stay clean for long. 

The best thing about working with professionals is the assurance that the carpets will dry faster since they use high-end truck-mounted vacuum systems to make that possible.

Post Spot Treatment and Carpet Protection

Cleaning carpets doesn’t remove everything. Once your carpet has been cleaned, you will notice some spots and dirt sections. Cleaning service providers know how to address such issues by treating the spots and removing them as required. Once the spots have been removed, and your carpet is now looking attractive, your cleaning service provider will then apply a carpet protector. The use of the carpet protector is to enhance the quality of cleaning results. It also does prevent the quick accumulation of stains and spots that could ruin your carpet.

Post Inspecting The Carpets

After the carpet cleaning exercise is over, the carpet cleaner will examine your home once more to ensure there are no stains or spots. If any of these are detected, the cleaning professional will conduct another thorough cleaning exercise to ensure all these are cleaned. Also, the cleaning service will be ready to answer all those queries and guide you on the best way to maintain your carpets so they can last longer.

Common Carpet Cleaning Methods to Know

To better understand how does carpet cleaning work, you must also familiarize with the most common carpet cleaning methods. These are the most common methods professional carpet cleaners use to give your carpets a thorough and intensive cleaning.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Mostly known as hot water extraction cleaning, steam carpet cleaning is a highly efficient method commonly used by carpet cleaning professionals. The steam carpet cleaning method entails dispensing hot water at high pressure to convulse the carpet fibers and efficiently dissolve the accumulated dust. Cleaning carpets this way requires the application of natural cleaning agents. The agents are applied on your stained carpet, and then the cleaning specialist brushes the surface to remove the stains, dust particles, and pollens. Some cleaners will allow the solution to sit for some hours before they wash it with hot water to make the cleaning process more efficient. Since they understand the value of giving you quality and clean jobs, they will use high-end equipment for deep cleaning the carpets.

Shampoo Cleaning

Shampooing is a popular and highly efficient cleaning technique that’s quite common among professional carpet cleaning companies. Shampooing is known to be the most authentic cleaning method commonly preferred when it comes to the efficient removal of soil, dust, germs, and dirt from carpets. The process involves the application of cleaning shampoo on the carpets, scrubbing with a brush, and then vacuuming. Shampooing and moisture scrubbing the carpet create a foam that attracts all the dirt and dust on the carpet. Vacuuming does remove all the dust, soil, and leftover shampoo, giving your carpets that beautiful and attractive look.

Bonnet Cleaning

The bonnet cleaning is a method commonly used by qualified cleaning specialists to aid absorb soil, dirt, and grime from the upper layer of floor coverings, carpets included. The bonnet cleaning method involves the use of cutting-edge high-moisturized equipment and absorbent pads.

The method entails the use of carbonated water and cleaning production solutions, which is mostly sprayed on the carpet. Once the solution is sprayed on the carpet, the cleaning specialist will then use a floor machine together with the absorbent pad to clean the dirt and soil accumulated on your carpet. The floor machine works efficiently to absorb the dirt and dust on your carpet, giving it a sparklingly clean look. This is a highly powerful and efficient carpet cleaning method, which is mostly perfect for bigger rooms such as hotels and companies. It does guarantee quality and quick carpet cleaning results, with minimal to no hassle.

Dry Extraction Cleaning Method

Dry extraction cleaning is a recently introduced cleaning method that’s quite common among carpet cleaning companies. The method is widely used and loved because it is time-saving, reliable, and highly efficient.  Dry extraction doesn’t require the use of water, meaning you won’t have to worry about extended drying times. The dry extraction cleaning method entails sprinkling the cleaning powder into the carpet’s bottom area by use of a rotating brush machine. The purpose of using the rotating brush machine is to open the carpet’s fiber and allow the powder to penetrate inside. Once the professionals have successfully powdered cleaned the carpet, they will then vacuum it to remove the underlying soil and powder.  It’s a popular method quite common in industrial and commercial settings.


This is the last most common carpet cleaning method available. Also known as dry cleaning, encapsulation doesn’t involve the use of water.  The method is highly effective and does minimize the need to use water for cleaning carpets. Encapsulation involves the application of the cleaning chemical to the carpet and then scrubbing by use of a cylindrical tool or rotary brush machine. The purpose of the chemical is to aid in the removal of soil particles harboured inside the carpet fibers. Vacuuming is later done to remove the leftover chemical residue, dust, and dirt.

How Often Should I Clean My Carpet

To understand how does carpet cleaning works, you must understand when to have your carpets professionally cleaned. The need to keep your carpet looking clean and smelling fresh comes with a responsibility, which demands you have a professional to check and clean the carpets regularly. Many factors affect the frequency at which you should be cleaning your carpets.

How Often Do You Vacuum The Carpets?

One of the factors affecting the frequency at which you should hire a professional to deep clean your carpets is the frequency at which you vacuum the carpets. If you vacuum the carpets at least once every week, you won’t have to be hiring professional carpet cleaning services every so often. Vacuuming works miraculously to help remove all the loose dirt particles attached to your carpets, which aids keep the carpets looking clean and smelling fresh for long.

Are There People with Allergies

Another factor affecting how often your carpets should be professionally cleaned is the number of allergic people in your house. Carpet fibers have the power to attract and collect allergens and dust, which can prove a nuisance to people with allergies. Vacuuming the carpets regularly can remove a certain percentage of these allergies. However, to keep your allergic loved ones safe, you should use professional carpet cleaning services on a regular basis.

The Colour of the Carpets

The colour of a carpet determines the quality of the looks. However, while light-coloured carpets will give your rooms brighter looks, they do accumulate dirt faster and reveal stains more vividly. Maintaining such carpets in superb states will require you to use professional cleaning services regularly.

Do You Have Pets and Children

Fur shedding pets expose your carpets to the risk of being dirt in a matter of days. The fur they shed can make your carpets dirt. Also, pets do vomit, pee, and poop, which need to be cleaned regularly. As for those with kids, you have to deal with muddy footprints, food and drink spills, and finger paints on a regular basis. These can only be handled appropriately if you get a professional cleaning services provider.


Keeping your carpets clean is your core responsibility. You want them to remain clean and smelling fresh throughout. You as well want your carpets to serve you for years. The only way out to make that attainable is to get the carpets cleaned by a professional once in a while. In hiring a professional carpet cleaning service in Battersea, you must check at their credibility and years of experience. You’ve to check at their reviews to know if they will give you the kind of services you are in search of.