Accumulated dust, spills, and dirt are just some of the things your carpet falls victim to when left uncleaned for a long while. Now, you want to figure out how to clean a dirty carpet by hand? Well, it simply needs a good ol’ scrub. After a good scrub, not only will your carpet feel good, but you will too after such a rewarding workout.  Cleaning by hand might seem more tempting if you have a particularly pricy carpet that needs some special attention.

Stick around if you’re interested in knowing more about cleaning a dirty carpet by hand.

Why Clean a Dirty Carpet by Hand?

Getting bored of the gym and want to get creative with your exercising? Cleaning a carpet by hand will give your arms the best workout!

Calories won’t be the only thing you’ll be cutting down on, but your money as well. A professional carpet clean can set you back around £80 to £150. Instead of paying that much for a carpet cleaner, you can do it by hand by using cleaning tools you probably already have at your disposal. In other cases, you might only have a few spots to be cleaned rather than the whole carpet. These spots don’t usually require thorough vacuuming and might just need a regular soap and scrub cleaning.

How to Clean Your Carpet by Hand

Before you clean the dirty carpet, you should understand that undertaking this cleaning project will need lots of time and patience. So make sure you’re free for the day. You could even ask for a friend’s help since four hands are better than two. Without further ado, let’s dive into how you should clean that dirty carpet.

Step #1: Prepare Your Cleaning Tools and Carpet

Baking-soda-and-vinegar for carpet cleaning

When it comes to cleaning a dirty carpet, there are several tools you can use. The good news is that you might have all these options lying around. You can use baking soda, dish soap, vinegar. Your choice should mainly depend on the fabric of your carpet. If you’re unsure about which one to use, you can always do a spot test check to make sure it won’t do any damage. After you have the cleaning solution ready, you’ll need to get your cleaning tools. Grab a bucket, towel, vacuum, carpet brush, and sponge. Once all your items are ready, you’ll want to prepare your working space. That means clearing up the room since the surrounding area will get dirty.

Step #2: Dry Scrub and Vacuum the Carpet

Your carpet has probably seen several shoes that have been walking all over the street. As a result, the dirt in the carpet is probably now dried up into dust that can be hard to remove by a vacuum. Instead, you’ll need to get the carpet brush and start dry scrubbing the entire carpet. You’re basically loosening all the dust particles stuck in the crevices of your carpet’s pile. You can add baking soda around the carpet while dry-scrubbing it for a more abrasive brush.  After you’ve detached all that dry dirt, you can vacuum the carpet. You’ll see a noticeable difference, but we’re not done yet.

Step #3: Wet Clean the Carpet

Now that a large portion of the dust is gone, it’s time to introduce some moisture into the cleaning process. Get a bucket of water ready, along with your cleaning solution and a sponge. In the bucket of water, mix in your dish soap until you see a bubbly surface. Using a sponge or a soft-bristled carpet brush, scrub the carpet from any remaining trapped dirt. You can apply the solution using a spray bottle, so you don’t oversaturate the carpet. After you’re satisfied with the results, you can allow the carpet to dry or use paper towels to absorb any excess moisture. Try to keep your windows and fan open to allow for proper ventilation.

If you want to dry the carpet faster, you can lay it outside in the sun. The best part about this is that the sunlight will also kill any residual bacteria in your carpet.

Step #4: Make a Final Sweep

Now that the carpet is done drying, it might look a little dishevelled from all the scrubbing. To keep the fibers neat, you can use a carpet grooming brush. It’ll shape things up. While you’re performing the grooming, try to do a few spot checks to make sure you didn’t miss any dirty splatters.

How to Clean Dirty Spots on Your Carpet

It happens all the time. You walk with your plate of food and suddenly feel off-balance. And just like in movies, in slow motion, the food spills all over your spotless carpet.

Here’s how you can clean the mess rather than sadly stare at your lost meal.

  1. Prepare a mixture of laundry soap and water.
  2. Dunk a sponge or brush into the cleaning solution and softly scrub the stain.
  3. Now that the stain is clear, get a towel to blot the moisture out.
  4. Leave the spot to air dry at room temperature.

While this method works effectively for a lot of spills and stains, you can also use a variety of other cleaning solutions. If you’ve got an oily stain, then vinegar might be a more suitable option. If the stain is getting too stubborn, then you can optionally go for an ammonia cleaning solution. The ratio of the mix should be 50 parts water and one part ammonia. Remember to do a spot check since this mixture can cause colour fading.

To Conclude

Whether you have a carpet to provide added warmth to a room or a comfortable seating arrangement, it’ll always need a regular clean. How often you clean the carpet can depend on some factors, such as if you have pets or children. We all know how messy they can get. The cleaning process involves two phases, dry and wet cleaning. You’ll notice a difference once you clean the carpet in terms of airflow and appearance. Even though the cleaning may seem tedious, it’ll be worth it in the end, and you might even pat yourself on the back!