Keeping a washing machine clean might seem counterproductive, but once you look inside, you’ll know why it’s needed. Cleaning your washing machine doesn’t necessarily mean giving it a good surface wipe. You might need to get into the crevices of the device. That’s where the real gunk is hidden. The good news is that you don’t need a specialized washing machine cleaning solution to complete this task. Most of the items are probably already at your disposal. When you approach your washing machine, you might wonder, “where should I start?” and that’s normal. We’re here to guide you with the 5 best tips on how to clean your washing machine.

Stick around if you want to learn more about these tips and tricks to ease you into the cleaning process.

Why You Should Clean Your Washing Machine

Clening a washing machine

At some point during laundry day, you might’ve taken a whiff of the freshly washed clothes and thought, “that doesn’t smell right.” That’s when you might need to get your washing machine cleaned. All that dirt, bacteria, and grime goes somewhere, right? It’s not only the dirt from your clothes that you should worry about. The laundry detergent and fabric softener you use don’t usually get thoroughly washed off. They can leave dried-up traces around your washing machine. It can collect in your detergent dispenser, the front-load rubber seals, and more. It would be best to remember that leftover moisture can attract mould and mildew activity.

In more extreme cases, if your washing machine uses hard water, the pipes can be riddled with limescale. That kind of damage can be more pricey as well. You’ll want to clean your washing machine at least every month to avoid this. A regular washing machine clean will keep your clothes free from detergent stains. It’ll also keep unpleasant odour, or worse, mould, at bay.

5 Tips on How to Clean Your Washing Machine

Your primary target when cleaning the washing machine is build-up. Getting rid of it will lessen the appliance’s risk of catching mould and bacteria.

Here are the 5 best tips for cleaning your washing machine without further ado.

Tip #1: Use Vinegar and Baking Soda

Cleaning with baking soda and vinegar

Think about the cleaning tools you want to use on a washing machine. You can use either vinegar or bleach to rid the washing machine of traces of any germs. It’s the first step to cleaning the washing machine. You should also note that using hot water is essential to burning off bacteriaNow, there are a couple of washing machines, the front-loader and the top-loader. For the former, you’ll want to run a cycle by pouring a couple of cups of vinegar into the detergent tray. Make sure you’re fixing the process at the hottest and longest setting.

For good measure, you can dump half a cup of baking soda directly in the drum of the washing machine and run it through another cycle. The main difference with a top-loading washing machine is that instead of spilling the vinegar in the detergent tray, you’ll be draining it in the drum. Afterwards, you’ll apply the baking soda similarly. Once the two cycles are complete, grab a microfiber cloth and wipe the interior until it’s dry.

Tip #2: Clean the Filter

The washing machine filter blocks any lint, hair, or coins from going into the main pump. You can imagine how much it collects over a few uses. To access it, you can find it at the bottom corner of the washing machine. Press the cover to unlock it. Before that, place a towel-lined container beneath it to catch overflowing water. Inside, you’ll find a circular lever that you rotate counter-clockwise and pull to reveal the filter. Please give it a good rinse or soak it to eliminate all its accumulated grimy build-up. In some washing machines, you might find a tiny tube attachment next to the lever. You can pull it out to drain excess water from the washing machine.

Tip #3: Get in Every Nook and Cranny

Washing machines have several holes and corners that can easily collect unwanted germs. You might need to prepare a toothbrush to clean the most challenging spots. The front-loaders machine’s gasket will need to be scrubbed and wiped down. The drum will also require a thorough cleaning. Even the lid will need a regular wash. The most crucial step after each wash is to air dry. Don’t leave the washing machine closed if it’s empty. Keeping it ajar will allow any excess moisture to evaporate.

Tip #4: Clean the Exterior

While the washing machine’s interior needs meticulous cleaning, you can’t forget about the exterior. You can get a spray cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth and wipe away any dust or stains on the body. That’ll be like cleaning any surface counters.

Tip #5: Don’t Forget the Detergent Dispenser

While this might seem unnecessary to clean in the washing machine, you still can’t leave the detergent dispenser without a proper wash. If you’re wondering, “isn’t this where all the detergent, vinegar, and fabric softener goes?” The truth is, they don’t just wash off after each use.  Their traces remain on the detergent dispenser and can leave many harmful bacteria that can quickly transfer to your clothes. You can read the appliance’s user manual on how to remove the drawer. After carefully pulling it out, it’ll just need a rinse and soap soak in warm water. Don’t put it back just yet. Check the drawer’s chamber for any dirt and wipe it off. There’s probably some residue there as well.

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To Conclude

The more you leave a washing machine unattended and without regular maintenance cleaning, the more counterproductive the appliance will be. Rather than keeping your clothes fresh, an uncleaned washing machine could smear detergent stains and spoil your wardrobe. Following our tips on cleaning a washing machine will not only be refreshed, but you’ll also feel satisfied knowing that all that gunk is gone. Alternatively, you can request it to be cleaned when you move out of your place by the end of tenancy cleaners.