Cleaning an entire apartment can prove a hectic and almost impossible task if you don’t understand the bolts and nuts. The problem is when you have to clean the apartment deep, and you’ve no idea of what goes into deep cleaning. This article will teach you the ultimate guide on how to deep clean an apartment.

Deep cleaning is essentially a purpose-driven method that addresses hard-to-reach and the most forgotten areas in an apartment.

Deep cleaning aims to achieve optimal cleanliness, ensuring you leave the apartment looking superb and smelling fresh. A thoroughly deep cleaned apartment will motivate the landlord, ensuring they pay off the deposit money at once. 

Not all apartments are created equal. They have differently designed and installed fixtures, materials, and furnishings. That doesn’t mean the supplies and ingredients for a successful deep-cleaning project will differ from one apartment to the other. Ideally, the supplies needed for cleaning different sizes and types of apartments will be the same. These include:

  • High-quality gloves

  • A highly efficient vacuum cleaner with superior upholstery attachments

  • Steam-type mop

  • Baking soda and distilled vinegar

  • Microfiber cleaning cloth

  • Non-scratch scrub pads and used toothbrush

  •  Ladder and wood cleaner

How to Deep Clean An Apartment the Right Way

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Get Your House Decluttered First

Deep cleaning intends to touch all parts of the house, including those areas that are almost impossible to reach. Lift everything from the floor and organize them well to ease access to the areas that are hard to reach. 

Once you do this, you will have an easy job navigating through different parts of your house, including beneath and behind the refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, and other household appliances.

Get everything around the living, dining, and bedroom organized. Anything that has lived its life should be disposed of or donated to open up spacing for new stuff. 

As for the furniture and other households such as bookshelves, sofas, and refrigerators, they should be moved to allow access to the locked areas for easy cleaning. Dust off these appliances and wipe them clean if you want to carry along or return them after the deep cleaning exercise.

If you don’t spend adequate time moving the furniture pieces to offer access to the neglected areas, the whole deep cleaning exercise will be in vain since its core objective won’t be realized. In other words, decluttering the house is one of the smartest ways on how to deep clean an apartment.

Disconnect and Clean The Windows and Window Treatments

Carefully remove the window treatments for easy cleaning. Whether blinds or curtains, apply optimal caution while removing not to end up damaging them. Cleaning the window treatments will be much easier if they aren’t connected to the windows. Also, it will be easier to clean the windows when the curtains and blinds aren’t installed.

Experts advise you vacuum clean the window trim and sill by use of a small attachment or crevice. Thoroughly wipe clean the curtain rings and rods using a sponge or wet cloth. If the curtains are extremely dirt, you have to wash them using your washing machine. You can also vacuum the curtains using your upholstery vacuuming machine.

As for the blinds, they can be wiped clean using a wet cloth or vacuumed using a vacuuming machine. When washed, the curtains should be hanged instantly to ensure uniform drying and minimize wrinkles. Those who don’t have a high-power vacuum cleaner or washing machine should consider laundromat services.

Deep Clean the Floors and Surfaces

The more intensive deep cleaning work starts with cleaning the apartment surfaces, walls, and floors. Don’t forget that every room in your apartment will have floors, walls, and surfaces that need to be cleaned. That means the cleaning work here will be extensive and can eat lots of your time.

The easiest way to start is from top to bottom and side to side. Start by cleaning the walls and surfaces. You can simply and minimise the cleaning work by starting from the top of the walls to the bottom. That way, you won’t be doing a double job. 

Before heading to the floor, you have to wipe clean the shelves. Deeply vacuum the lampshades and light bulbs using a handheld vacuum. Ensure you have done a thorough job before you head to the floors. Do this for every room in your apartment.

Now, move to the floor. Start cleaning from one side to the other. You can ease your job by first vacuuming the pet hair, dirt, and debris that has accrued on your carpet and floor. Once you have vacuumed the rug or floor clean, you should then mop it using a solution of vinegar or a mild detergent with water. 

Professional cleaning services advise you to use a steam mop if you want to thoroughly and deeply clean and disinfect the floors. You must ensure you reach out to those areas that have been neglected during regular cleaning. Give them thorough and quality cleaning, leaving them looking fresh and clean.

Deep Clean The Living Room

Delve into details and give your living room thorough and extensive cleaning. The regular cleaning you’ve been doing is likely not enough. You will be surprised to discover that you have never reached some parts of the living room. Start by dusting off most of the furnishings and fixtures in your house.

After you’ve dusted everything, dry-clean or wash the window fabric upholstery or coverings.  Start with the top towards the bottom to minimise the hassle and cleaning work. 

Clean the ceilings using a telescoping microfiber wand, ensuring you reach out to the cobwebby corners. Turn off the chandeliers and pendants and spray them with isopropyl alcohol and water solution. Wipe dry the fixtures using a dry cloth once done with washing.

Move to the ceiling fans and give them a thorough cleaning, too. Use a pillowcase to dust off the ceiling fan surfaces and a microfiber cloth to wipe them clean. 

As for the walls, start by dusting the surfaces using a microfiber cloth after which you should wipe clean the surfaces with a wet mop. Vacuum cleaner the carpets and wood floors using a high-end vacuum cleaner.

You may need to use hydrogen peroxide and distilled water solution for you to achieve optimal cleanliness. Get a microfiber mop with a cleaning spray so you can clean the wood floors efficiently.

Deep Clean the Kitchen

After you’re done deep cleaning the living room, move to your kitchen.  Add about two tablespoons of rock salt to the garbage disposer to give it a fresher smell.  Use soapy hot water to scrub the garbage bins efficiently. Now, clean the appliances in and out. Use the right solutions and materials to give the appliances a thorough yet efficient cleaning.

Get everything in the kitchen organised, starting with the utensils, cupboards, and appliances. Wipe clean the oven, removing all the baked-on spills.  Clean the cooktop of those greasy gunk using a degreaser or hot water with a nylon scrubber. Give the vent-hood filter a thorough cleaning as well using hot water and scoop laundry powder.

By now, you are almost done with deep cleaning the kitchen. Move the refrigerator to open up those hard-to-reach areas. Wipe clean the refrigerator starting from the inside, gasket, and doors using a mixture of hot water and baking soda. Dust off the coils using an appliance-cleaning brush or multipurpose vacuum-brush attachment. The final important tip on how to deep clean an apartment is to wash the dishwasher. Clear off the debris on your dishwasher using hot soapy water.

Deep Clean The Bathroom

Move to your bathroom and deep clean it, too. Start by clearing off the stubborn stains such as mildew, limescale, mould, and rust. Clear off the faucets of the mineral deposits using lemon juice.  Use undiluted white vinegar and wet sponge to clean the shower doors.

Clean the shower heads using white vinegar.  Check the drains and try removing any product residues and hair stuck in between. Add baking soda and white vinegar to the drain, and allow for the bubbling to stop before you flush it with hot water.

Also, deep clean the grout and toilet using a dash of vinegar and hot water solution. Remove all the cobwebs on the bathroom walls, as well. You have to ensure you give your bathroom thorough cleaning, leaving it with a fresh smell and clean look.

Clean the Brooms, Mops and Dust Pans

People find it easy to use their dustpans, brooms, and mops to dust and clean their houses. Many times, they don’t even think about the cleanliness of these tools. You can easily clean your cleaning tools in two easy ways.

The first most efficient way to clean cleaning tools is by vacuuming them. Buy and use a high-quality vacuum attachment to siphon off the dust and dirt parties stuck in the cleaning tools’ bristles. The next efficient cleaning method is to use it with hot and soapy water. You need to soak the dustpan, broom or mop into the solution for several minutes after which you should disinfect it.

Clean the Porcelain Sink

Another great way on how to deep clean an apartment is to give the porcelain sink a thorough cleaning.  Porcelain sinks are aesthetically attractive and quite impressive to install. However, they do stain and crack with time, meaning they will need to be cleaned often.

It is super easy and cheap to clean a porcelain sink, provided you have the necessary supplies and cleaning skills. To achieve superb results, you need to use a baking soda and ammonia solution with a sponge. Make sure to scrub the sink thoroughly and extensively to give it a fresh and superb look.

As for sinks with rust stains, you will need to use lemon juice and table salt.  Mix the table salt and lemon juice to create a solution, which you should sprinkle over the porcelain while scrubbing it.

Wash the Pillows, Thoroughly

Dirt pillows can make you hate being around your living room.  Don’t let your pillows to stay looking dirt, while you can give them a thorough cleaning. Once you have cleaned your pillows, hang them on the clothesline, allowing them to dry naturally.

Experts will advise you to launder and dry the pillows in a dryer or washer at least two a year. You should consider adding tennis balls to the dryer when washing the pillows to ensure the filling doesn’t clump up.

Hire A Professional Cleaning Service

The last trick on how to deep clean an apartment is to have a specialist to do it. Of course, most of the tasks can be handled by an ordinary homeowner with no need of hiring the services of a cleaning service. 

However, some of the tasks such as deep cleaning the bedrooms, kitchen, and floors will require the services of professional cleaning company.

There are a countless number of cleaning companies out there who offer different types of cleaning services. 

There are those specialized in offering end of tenancy cleaning services and others that provide daily cleaning services. If you are moving out, you’ve to hire a qualified end of the tenancy cleaning company.

If you are doing the ordinary house cleaning, you should look for an experienced and reputable janitorial service provider. Ensure you are hiring a cleaning specialist who has been doing house cleaning for several years as they will likely know to go about the cleaning work.


Wondering how to deep clean an apartment? This article has addressed everything you need to know about deep cleaning different types and sizes of apartments. Watch out for these tips and implement them to the later to achieve optimal cleanliness.

You can optimize the quality of deep cleaning by hiring a professional cleaning service. These people are highly talented and will always have the necessary cleaning supplies and tools to give fast and quality services.

The easy way to tell if you have found the most trusted and reliable cleaning company is to check out client reviews. These act as a mirror for gauging the quality of services offered by cleaning service.