The only fun part about moving out is the new life experiences and friends you will make. These are the tips for effectively cleaning apartment before moving out to ensure your landlord doesn’t hold back your deposit.

The move out experience can prove a nightmare to many, especially when it comes to packing out and cleaning the apartment to match the desired level of cleanliness and freshness. 

However, that doesn’t mean you should renew the tenancy contract if you are not willing to stay. 

There is exclusively no best way to clean your apartment before moving out. However, if you understand the nuts and bolts of efficient apartment cleaning, moving out can be  easy and fun. 

apartment cleaning before moving out

Apartment Cleaning Tips

Check and implement these tips for cleaning apartment before moving out to minimize the hassle of moving out.

  1. Collect the Necessary Cleaning Supplies

When moving out, there are essential cleaning supplies you must-have for the experience to be smooth and successful. These include but are not limited to dusting cloths, brushes, fabric protectors, disinfecting cleaners, baking soda, glass cleaners, broom, rubber gloves, white vinegar, and scrubbers. 

When packing the things you want to move out with, ensure you don’t pack these essential cleaning supplies as you will need them.

  1. Organize and Sufficiently Clean the Items you Wish to Carry Along

Clean and organize the things you will carry along while moving out. It’s mandatory to clean the household items once you are settled in your new home. However, that doesn’t mean you should carry them dirt. It’s illogical to take household items full of grime, germs, dust, bacteria, and stains to your newly found home. 

Once you’ve cleaned the items before moving out, you will only have to wipe out the accumulated dirt once you are settled in your new home. 

  1. Clean The Apartment Once you Have Packed Everything

Don’t be tempted to clean the apartment before you have packed everything and loaded them onto the moving truck. Trying to clean the apartment before packing all the possessions will multiply the cleaning work, making it more time-consuming and tiresome. Having to deal with the furniture and moving boxes while handling the cleaning work will make it impossible for you to complete the cleaning work fast.

  1. Clean Thoroughly and Effectively

Make your cleaning work easier and more efficient by starting the cleaning work from top to bottom as well as from back to the front. If not, you will have to clean each of the surfaces twice. Consider dry cleaning the surfaces to attain fresher and better quality results. 

You as well have to complete one task from the other instead of cleaning from one room to the next. If you decide to vacuum, vacuum everything that can be swept inside and out of the apartment.

How to Clean Your Apartment Fast and Effectively

As we said earlier, you should load up the moving truck with the things you want to carry along before you start cleaning. That’s to ensure cleaning work takes the shortest time possible. Check out our tips for cleaning apartment before moving out fast and effectively.

  1. Deal With the Clutter First

The reason most cleaning projects take longer than expected is that people do it wrong. They start cleaning before they have prepared the apartment ready for cleaning.  

If your apartment cleaning has to be fast and efficient, you must begin by removing the things cluttered in and out of the apartment. You should start by clearing the stuff piled up on the countertops, floors, and walls of your apartment.

Speed up the process of cleaning apartment before moving out by first getting everything organized. When you declutter and organize the apartment first, you’ll have easy and fun moments vacuuming, cleaning, and polishing everything inside the house. If possible, get an expert to assess and help declutter your home for easy cleaning.

  1. Wash and Organize the Dishes

Now that everything is smartly organized, move to the kitchen to clear out the piled-up mess. Wash and dry the dishes stacked up in your kitchen sink, ensuring no stains or dirt are left. 

Disconnect and wash the dishwasher, clear off the dishes, and clean the counter top, leaving them decently looking. When you’ve done everything right in the kitchen, you won’t face it rough when finalizing everything ready for assessing by the landlord.

  1. Sweep and Clean The Garbage

Your apartment is now free of cluttering, and the kitchen is looking fresh. Now collect your garbage bag and clean the entire home emptying everything in the garbage cans. Collect the loose trash that has accumulated on your floor. Ensure you empty those overflowing trash cans and bins.

In other words, ensure you’ve organized everything, leaving no garbage or trash soiling the freshly cleaned and organized apartment. 

Once you have collected the garbage and packed it on the garbage bag, place the container in a highly visible location around the apartment.

  1. Collect and Organize Your Laundry

The final way to declutter your apartment ready for spraying, cleaning and washing is to collect the laundry. Doing laundry isn’t one of the funniest things to do. 

As a matter of fact, most people hate it to the core. However, once you are done with the laundry, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are done with almost most of the tiring work.

  1. Consider Using an All-Purpose Cleaner

The next most rewarding step for cleaning an apartment before moving out is to use the best cleaner. So far, an all-purpose cleaner is all you need. 

The market is currently flooded with multiple brands and types of all-purpose cleaners. You should look for a multipurpose spray cleaner.

Read customer reviews and product specifications so you can discover that fine spray cleaner that can be used on baseboards, in the bathroom, around the kitchen, on top of counter tops and everywhere else you want to be cleaned. 

Using a multipurpose spray cleaner will not only save you money but time since you won’t have to swap between different cleaners.

  1. Wash the Bathrooms and Kitchen First

Experts recommend you clean the bathrooms first. These places are a bit dirty and require more work to clean. You can save yourself the hassle by starting with the dirtier part of the bathroom, which is mostly the toilet. Get the toilet cleaned thoroughly and efficiently before you head to other parts of the washroom.

Wipe clean and polish the mirrors, counter top, and every other washable part. Once you are done cleaning the bathroom, head right to the kitchen. Start by wiping the counter tops, cleaning the sink and scrubbing the accrued dirt on your cooking appliances.

  1. Dust-Off All Surfaces and Appliances

The next most important tip for cleaning the apartment before moving out is to get everything dusted off. You’ve to remove all the dust on the cabinets, blinds, curtains, doors, and every other part of the apartment. 

Get a feather duster or paper towel to make the dusting work easier. If you cannot access any of these, you can use a sock over your hand.  You can as well use a dusting spray to clean areas that are hard to dust with ordinary dusters or paper towels.

  1. Vacuum Areas that Can be Vacuumed

We strongly recommend you dust off all surfaces before vacuuming to minimize the amount of work needed to get the surfaces clean. 

If you vacuum before dusting, the dust will end up on your floor, which will undoubtedly double the cleaning work. Get a powerful enough vacuum cleaner if you want to realize high-quality cleaning results.

If you’ve never used a vacuum cleaner before, we strongly advise you get someone with enough experience and expertise to do the job for you. If not, you may end up making costly mistakes that could force you to spend more than you had budgeted. For example, trying to vacuum some surfaces without enough expertise can lead to unexpected damages that could be costly to repair.


Cleaning apartment before moving out is a mandatory task for all tenants after the tenancy period is over. You’ve no choice but to give that apartment a thorough and fast cleaning, so you can leave it clean. 

It’s your core job to ensure you leave the apartment looking fresh and clean. If not, you will have to part ways with some of the money you paid as a deposit.

If you are the kind of people that are always busy and think you won’t get enough time to organize and clean your apartment before parking out, you may consider booking a move out cleaning service

These companies are made up of a qualified team with adequate experience and qualifications.

Most of these cleaning specialists have used different types of cleaning equipment to clean and improve the quality of apartments in the past. So, they promise to give you a clean job, ensuring you will get your deposit in full. 

Ensure you hire a cleaning service with a solid track record offering end of tenancy cleaning services in your area of residence.