The time has come to leave your rental. Now it’s time to worry about the security deposit. How will I get it back in full? Certainly not with a domestic cleaner! Domestic cleaners are great for getting weekly chores done. But getting that squeaky clean state that all landlords require? You will surely need end of tenancy cleaners. Why? That’s why Crown Cleaners are here to fill you in on the differences between domestic and end of tenancy cleaning!

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What are Domestic and End of Tenancy Cleaning Services?

what are domestic and end of tenancy cleaning services

Before we go further down the line, we need to clear up what exactly are the two separate services. Then we’ll go into a deeper explanation of the differences between domestic and end of tenancy cleaning.

What is Regular Domestic Cleaning?

Domestic cleaning services are generally performed by a singular cleaner. They get along with weekly chores. Dusting, getting rid of cobwebs, cleaning floors, mirrors, surfaces, and so on. It is not so much a deep clean as keeping on top of weekly chores. You can get a weekly domestic cleaning service – great for helping working people to get their chores, that they just don’t have time for, done – or a one-off domestic cleaning service – perfect for spring one off cleaning or an after-party clean up.

What is End of Tenancy Cleaning?

End of tenancy cleaning is a service usually performed by a team of 2 or more professional move-out cleaners. They are vetted professionals with tons of hands-on experience and extensive training for the job. Their job is specifically cleaning your rental property to the standard that letting agencies and landlords require before returning your security deposit. They follow a strict end of lease cleaning checklist to guarantee the rental property is in the best possible condition before returning the keys to the landlord.

Differences Between Domestic and End of Tenancy Cleaning

differences between domestic and end of tenancy cleaning

Wondering why exactly domestic cleaning services don’t cover the standard you need for a move-out clean? Here are a few things that highlight the difference between the two services:

  1. Cleaning products – more often than not, you have to provide cleaning products and equipment for your regular domestic cleaner. End of tenancy cleaners bring the best quality of cleaning products. Other than that, they bring the latest technology for cleaning carpets, floors, surfaces, and so on.
  2. Schedule, checklist, and prices – end of tenancy cleaners follow a strict checklist, unlike domestic cleaners. Domestic cleaners either follow their firms general domestic cleaning checklist, or a custom one made by the client. End of tenancy cleaners have a strict schedule and price list. They also won’t leave until the job is done. Domestic cleaners are paid an hourly rate and will clean for as long as they are paid for.
  3. Light fixtures – these are things that you generally overlook when you live in a place. That’s why it’s very likely for a regular domestic cleaner to not think to clean light sockets, lamps, shades and light switches. It is, however, included in the end of tenancy cleaning checklist that all end of lease cleaners follow.
  4. Cleaning places that are easy to forget – professional cleaners follow a end of lease cleaning checklist and are trained to see even the smallest and unlikely places for dirt. Domestic cleaners generally follow a custom list made by the client.
  5. Carpet cleaning – end of tenancy cleaners use a hot water extraction method for badly stained carpets. Check our local Chelsea carpet cleaning team for more info. Domestic cleaners might steam clean if requested.
  6. Limescale – domestic cleaners don’t usually bother with these kinds of chores. End of tenancy cleaners will get rid of the limescale for you.