Our soft furnishings are our comfy zone where we like to kick back and take a break from the world. There is nothing like a nice evening, cuddled into the cushions of your couch and binge-watching Netflix or something on the telly. However, it is too easy to knock over your beverage or spill some of your sticky snacks on your furniture. If you are especially tired, it is easy for such things to go unnoticed. With time, bacteria and nasty odours stick to the fibres of your settee, allowing for unpleasant smells to become present. Check out our guide on how to get rid of bad smells in upholstered furniture written by our Fulham carpet cleaning specialists.


What you Will Need to Get Rid of Bad Smells?

Before you get to the task, it is a good idea to make sure you are properly equipped. The list is not long and most of the items on it are usually lying around the household anyway. Here is the short inventory of things you will need:

There also may be a stain if the culprit for the smell is an unnoticed spill. Here are a few things that will help you sort that issue out as well:

  • Stain-removal agent for clothes/furniture. Or a DIY cleaning solution if you prefer using homemade cleaning agents;
  • A fibre cloth for blotting or a clean dry sponge;
  • A large bowl/small bucket of cool, soapy water.

Before we start, it is important to mention that each piece of furniture is different and requires different methods in terms of stain-removal. These are just guidelines for tackling easy-to-lift stains and normal, resistant fabrics. Always check the labels of your furniture before attempting to tackle an issue and make sure you abide by the cleaning instructions. More delicate furniture may need some professional care

how to get rid of bad smells in upholstered furniture

How to Get Rid of Bad Smells in Upholstered Furniture

Now that you have gathered everything you need, it is time to get to the action. Our team of professional cleaners have put together these simple instructions. Keep in mind that more serious stains, such as bloodstains may need a different method. These are our professional tips on how to get rid of bad smells in upholstered furniture:

  1. First things first, vacuum. This is to make sure no excess dirt is on the surface to root its way further into the fabric fibres.
  2. Now, you should sprinkle a decent amount of bicarbonate of soda over the surface area that you think the odour is coming from.
  3. Tea time. Or you could just get on with other daily tasks, as the baking soda needs to sit for at least an hour. If the smell is extreme, it is a good idea to do the previous step before bedtime and leave it overnight.
  4. Time to vacuum again. This will suck up the baking soda and all the nasty odours it managed to absorb.
  5. If there is no stain to remove, now is the time to sprinkle a few drops of your favourite essential oils over your upholstered furniture.

Get rid of bad smells

How to Get Stains out of Upholstered Furniture

If there is indeed a stain to be removed, it is time to get your second list of cleaning ingredients together. Here is a quick way to deal with the simplest of stains:

  1. First off, get your fibre cloth and a bit of clean water (not the soapy water). Gently blot the area until the stain begins to lift.
  2. Now, apply your cleaning agent and follow the instructions on the bottle.
  3. If there are still slight traces of the stain, have another go at it with your bucket of soapy water and a sponge.
  4. After that, repeat step two.
  5. Finally, wait for the area to dry and give it a vacuum. Then add the essential oils to the fabric to give the room a fresh scent.

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